Hand Exercises for Arthritis with Dr. Chad Woodard, PhD, DPT

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Dr. Chad Woodard, PhD, DPT shares simple hand exercises for arthritis. These exercises focus on hand pain that he prescribes to his patients with arthritis to get them moving their best and their joints as functional as possible.

This video is part of a series of videos from Dr. Chad Woodard in collaboration with CreakyJoints and the Global Healthy Living Foundation.

CreakyJoints is a digital community for millions of arthritis patients and caregivers worldwide who seek education, support, advocacy, and patient-centered research. We represent patients through our popular social media channels, our website https://CreakyJoints.org, and the 50-State Network (https://50statenetwork.org), which includes nearly 1,500 trained volunteer patient, caregiver and healthcare activists.

As part of the Global Healthy Living Foundation, CreakyJoints also has a patient-reported outcomes registry called ArthritisPower® with nearly 25,000 consented arthritis patients who track their disease while volunteering to participate in longitudinal and observational research. CreakyJoints also publishes the popular “Raising the Voice of Patients” series, which are downloadable patient-centered navigational tools for managing chronic illness. For more information and to become a member (for free), visit https://CreakyJoints.org. To participate in our patient-centered research program, visit https://ArthritisPower.org.


calypso says:

This really helped me… thanks so much!

Arthritis Life says:

Dr. Chad does a great job explaining the reasons behind these exercises, I appreciate this video as an occupational therapist and as a rheumatoid arthritis patient! – Cheryl

MindEnchantress says:

Thank you for putting this up 🙂 I have been struggling with almost constant wrist pain. After doing the exercises, the pain is mostly gone 🙂

mercytoday says:

Absolutely brilliant set of exercises. If work with your hands at all these exercises remove all stiffness and bring back your range of motion! Thanks Dr.Chad

We The LC says:

Thank you, both of my hands are recovering from a 2 week long flare. This is the only video that I feel is helping me so far.

Policy Person says:

Thank you for the exercises.

Jessie Belot says:

Thank you 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

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