Exercises for Osteoarthritis of Hip and Knees by Dr. Andrea Furlan MD PhD

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In this video Doctor Andrea Furlan explains 20 exercises for people who have osteoarthritis of the hips (coxarthrosis) and knees. Check the comments below to find out how these exercises have helped hundreds of people.
These exercises are of 4 types: Lubrication, Aerobics, Weight-bearing and Stretching. There are some exercises that are not indicated for people who had a recent hip replacement surgery.

To download the summary of these exercises, check here: http://bit.ly/Summary_Exercises_OA_hip_knee

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0:00 Introduction
04:28 Warm up
05:03 #1 Knee extension and flexion
06:12 #2 Lubrication hip (numbers in the air)
07:32 #3 Hip external/internal rotation
08:24 #4 Hip abduction/adduction on your right side
09:25 #4 modified (Clamshell)
10:05 #5 Hip extension
10:28 #6 Hip abduction/adduction on the left side
12:35 #7 Squat on the wall
14:20 #8 Hip abduction
15:20 #9 Hip extension
16:14 #10 Knee flexion/extension
17:30 #11 Sit and stand
18:24 #12 Vastus medialis obliquos (VMO)
19:55 #13 Step up/down
21:00 #14 Stairs sideways
22:26 #15 Pelvic tilt and bridge
24:20 #16 Gluteus maximus and medius stretch
25:50 #17 Piriformis stretch
26:36 #18 Adductors of the thigh stretch
27:35 #19 Hamstrings stretch
29:12 #20 Quadriceps stretch

30:31 Exercises to avoid for people who had a recent hip replacement

Dr. Furlan would like to thank Emeralda Burke, pain consultant, for providing feedback on the script of this video (https://twitter.com/EmeraldaBurke). Dr. Furlan would like to thank Amy Robidas, RN, for providing very helpful feedback on the scripts of this video.

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ALERT: This video is not intended to replace medical
advice. If you think you have a condition that is
causing you pain, please consult with your doctor
to get a diagnosis and a treatment plan for you.
The intent of this video is only for educational


Linda Ward-Thompson says:

Thank you so much for these exercises. I have osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and spondylitis of the neck, low back, right knee and left foot. After starting with 3, then 5 repetitions, my mornings are no longer painful. Now, I have more range of movement and more energy too. I hope this will be encouraging for other people too 🙂

Charlene Hinckley says:

Great video and exercises, stretches. Easy to follow especially with the document. Thank you!

LadyAlf57 says:

No cartalidge either knee. Bone on bone.


Thanks dear

Inderjeet Kohli says:

Hello doctor, I hv been diagnosed with osteophytes, there are 2 spurs in each knee. I am following exercises also that you suggest for osteoarthritis patient.
I do not hv pain in my joint but I donot have strength in my legs. Can't stand even forv15 minutes, my left leg starts aching.
I don't feel like to do anything. Wana lying in the bed.
Plz help and guide me. I m 61.

Lungi Siqebengu says:

Good day Dr. Andrea Furlan. I want to thank you for the exercises you recommended.

Recently, Oct 2021, had RTKN replacement. Now in 2022 started developing pains on right hip and the other good knee. These pains happen in the morning when waking up. But after a few steps they fade away. The exercises done in the morning, whilest in bed helped.

Question. In the morning when I wake, in time for the exercises, there is a need to rush to the toilet. So I decided to do a few about 3 of these exercise before rushing to the toilet. The do the others later after relieving myself. Is this OK?

Joanna Dmello says:

Thank you for me helping this exercise

Erly Heissenberger says:

more talking than demonstration not good

Amina Abshir says:

Thanks for sharing with us

Ranjess Rosagaron says:

Hi watching here from philippines, I have a severe lumbar stenosis, and osteoarthritis, can I those exercises respectively, thank you very much

Lord God Almighty Alpha&Omega says:

Thank you In video watching from Philippines

E. Terry Hall says:

Thank you so much Dr Furlan for your extensive and precise explanation. Deeply Grateful!!!!


Gina Manalastas says:

Thank you po.

Anowar Mondol says:

What exercise can help healing medial and lateral meniscal injury along with partial ACL ligament tear?….. u have delivered ur so eloquently. Laudable presentation on osteoarthritis.

goriks adventure says:

Hi doc I don't know what injury I feel now in my knee if it is a LCL or ITBS, the pain start at the side of my knee up to side of my thigh.. pain looks like a cramps in muscle but I feel is in cramps in the bone😢

Badri Reza says:

With many thanks knee exercise for strengthening the inside the muscles do you bend the knee at 30 degrees or straight foot should 30degrees bring down. I have done knee replacements 13mounts ago Thanks

Gina Manalastas says:

Thank you po .gagaling po ba ang osteoathritis.

Arian Li says:

Thank you for sharing this. I tried doing extension and flexion but my left knee felt a bit of pain doing that and had cracking sound that I usually have in knee and ankle after workout.

Laurette Croyance says:

I am in Haiti. Thank you so much for these exercises

Laurette Croyance says:

Les exercices sont magnifiques et importants. Je souffre de ces douleurs au genou. A la hanche et au dos
Merci pour tout.

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