7 Helpful Hand Exercises for Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Beginner Hand Workout

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Improve hand flexibility and function with this beginner hand workout. Follow along with Hand Expert, Michelle, as she guides you through 7 Helpful Hand Exercises for Rheumatoid Arthritis. The joints of the hand are very small and are often the most vulnerable to loss of motion and deformity due to Rheumatoid Arthritis. Since the joints of the fingers are small, gentle and safe exercises can be very effective at improving function.

Come back to this video daily to do these exercises. Comment below and let me know how they feel!

The exercises are as follows:
Exercise 1: Flex knuckles, also known as MP flexion
Exercise 2: Hook fist, also known as Claw
Exercise 3: Straight fist
Exercise 4: Full fist
Exercise 5: Finger glides, also known as tendon glide
Exercise 6: Finger Walks
Exercise 7: Wrist circles

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Mohamad Nurzayee says:

Thank you very much that it is useful.

Scott says:

Surprised by how much this is helping. Thanks

Jennifer Joy says:

Thank you I have chronic graft versus host disease that had caused stiffness and swelling in my hands and has inflamed my body. I am scheduled to meet with a joint doctor for exercizes this week but must say these seem very helpful.

Ponnambalam Indrajith says:

Thanks for showing how to perform these exercises in a relaxed way. That's awesome!

Agnes says:

Thank you. The exercises in the video are very helpful and therapeutic.

Hana Perreault says:

Thank you so much for these exercises, have more range of motion and strength in my fingers. Had broken little finger and ring finger which were pinned together for quite a while, wasn’t healing very well as I am a Type 1 Diabetic and needed a cast on for longer than usual. I have little use for my left hand, fingers will not bend without a lot of pain, but with your exercises hope to get more flexibility, thank you!

Sangita Singh says:

Hi mam my fingers is not band early morning I wake up time what I do plz sugast to me.

Tram Reynolds says:

I am glad I found your video. I start to developing pain on my fingers and do a few research , it’s seem like I have RA . Follow your exercise, I fell better even for the first time . I do believe in exercise so I will definitely keep it up and try to get natural inflammation extract and food to help to fight my problems. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and good work.

Vonrock says:

This must be your children version.

Junnarayan Shrestha says:

Hi, iam from Nepal I saw u r exercise of finger my prob,is right hand finger ,little small &another is little bend ready so what type of exercise I do.

Petty Debono says:

Thanks soo much. This exercise helped me a lot. God bless your heart.❤

Abu Zaheer says:

Thank you:-)

scdmac1 says:

God bless You!!! I am so thankful for this video, I am in a lot of pain in both hands, trigger finger and stiffness, and Y am going to do this exercises 3 times a day. Thank You very Much🙏Great Video!!!!!

Marcy Dobbs says:

Are these exercises also good for psoriatic arthritis and/or osteoarthritis?

kalina41 says:

Thanks for your. video…… wondering can I do your exercises BOTH hands at the same time????? thanks again.

Shashikalar Shashikala says:

Good evening mam such a nice and wonderful explanation really I am having hands pain . So kind of you and thank you very much.

Sophia Lynch says:

I love this exercise its help

Linda Linda M Cooper says:

Thanks for the exercise. These exercise help.

Diosdada Espada says:

Thank you so much for this video can help me a lot❤️

Mangala Devi says:

Thank You so much. Really helpful

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