6 Great Exercises for Knee Osteoarthritis – Ask Dr. Abelson

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6 Great Exercises for Knee Osteoarthritis – These mobility exercises for Knee Osteoarthritis should be performed at least once per day. For best results slowly work up to 3 to 4 times per day. Check out our “Knee Exercise Playlist” – https://qrcodes.pro/gzeu20

Read Dr. Abelson’s articles on “Iliotibial Band Syndrome”, “Meniscus Injuries (3 part series), “The Popliteus Muscle”, and “Osteoarthritis of the Hip & Knee (2 part series). https://www.kinetichealth.ca/knee-injuries

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00:00 Introduction
01:12 Knee Mobilization
02:27 Quadricep Contraction
03:15 Prone Knee Flexion
04:15 Pelvic Raise
05:25 Hamstring Stretch
06:22 Partial Squat

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Justpassingthrough says:

Hi, what happens if your knee makes noises as you pull it towards you with the towel? Do you just do it anyways?

Rose Maria Avena says:

Thank you so much. I took some notes and screen shots to incorporate since I have both knee mild patellofemoral compartment osteoarthritis.

Arthur McCarthy says:

영상으로 다국어 번역하면 더 잘할 수 있어요

Michelle Wysowski says:

Great video. Knees going past the toes is 100% ok though lol don’t know why that was brought up

Kyu Kyu Thein says:

Thank you Sir I copied

Donald Trumpet says:

Gonna try it straightaway! 👍

X Hen says:

My knees click during the exercises. Is that normal or should I stop my knee before it clicks?

AJ Walid says:

Thanks for the tips . do you need for warmup to these exercise ?

*** Sister *** says:

I'm going to try this

Shazad Vlog says:

i like your All Video

elena advincula says:

Been looking for an exercise that helps ease my knee pain,, def8nitely try this ,, thanks so much for the upload🙏

Venugopal Reddy.B says:

Effective tips

Coach Cookie says:

Great, thank you. I've had Right knee Osteoarthritis for some time. I will do these exercises.

rahila afreen says:

Can I do these exercise as iam suffering from stiff knee

Manoj Kumar says:

Thank u so much sir I'll do it regularly an' I hope it will work …. Cuz I'm also suffering from this knock knees problem

lil turt says:

Is this normal in 16 year olds, because I just have a crunch with no pain in one knee.

jasvinder Hunjan says:

Thank u for ur reply it helped

Beverley Dyke says:

What if your knees crunch all the time and the pain feels like someone is drilling a screw in? Are these signs of osteoarthritis or something else?

Dr. K.P. Vasudeva Rao says:

A very effective exercise video. I am trying this myself and finding good positive effect.

Preet Srivastava says:

he actually got me outa bed. some of these others videos don't take into consideration that we are in bed in pain. this is so light and easy, andI feel a better on the first day trying. thank you.

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