How Aqua Therapy Works

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Aqua therapy is a great tool to get people with a variety of health challenges moving. So Jane Monzures is headed to the pool to give it a try first hand and learn how it works!

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Tsegewioni Woldeselassie says:

Looks cool & smooth….

Godwin Lu says:

aperta aqua swimming

Guillermo Flores says:

Just take some Tylenol

axrelius says:

for those who are thinking about apt just saying it hurts a lot after each session ! 🙂

Robert Jones says:

This is very good physical therapy exercises video. It should be 15 minutes and 30 minutes workout, etc.etc, with warm down session.

Fitness Anytime and Anywhere by Marzena says:

Try my channel as well: I post Aqua Workouts every week! Water is the best!!!
Love this video 🙂

Anil Daniel says:

Aquatic therapy exercises are effective and helpful in reducing pain and improving physical function in patients with hip and/or knee OA.
To know more about Aqua Therapy visit Teddbots

edwin deleon says:

hydro therapy for diabetics.

Jim Chambers says:

Not helpful. Not enough exercises demonstrated

anthony enamu says:

Hi, my mom is having early arthritis.. How can aqua therapy work for her

Peter Foster says:

Does this pool have jets?

Float'n Thang says:

Aqua fun and therapy is a great thing. Aquatics can be done in water just about anywhere (first make sure the water is safe if venturing into open water) and at a comfortable temperature. There are different flotation devices for different functions. Zero gravity floating (not a tank) in a variety of positions is something helping many people with rehab routines.

Shek says:

I had over 90% tear in my rotator cuff ! I then surgery, and after had aquatic therapy.
I am now in the 1% who can raise my arm straight up over my head!
Thank you to my physical therapist Sheila Taylor at Grayslake rehabilitation! 💕💕

Caribbean Travels TV says:

What do you call the materials u used in the pool? The rubber one and the weights. Is it available in the market? Thanks

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