60 Second Frozen Shoulder Exercises & Stretches-Adhesive Capsulitis

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“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present 60 second exercises and stretches one can do for Frozen Shoulder or Adhesive Capsulitis.

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TheDavinci314 says:

People with thyroid issues and diabetes are more prone to frozen shoulder. I dislocated my shoulder and ended up tearing my rotator cuff. A couple of months later frozen shoulder set in and I was in excruciating pain for months. The pain was insideous. The pain made me sweat profusely and at times I thought i was going to pass out. A year later I'm still dealing with frozen shoulder, but the pain has greatly reduced and I still can't move my arm in certain movements. It sucks…

Emily Rayner says:

Hi. I'm 39 and currently suffering with this. I'm determined to get better 💯

Alexsandra Fioravanti says:

I’m in the extreme pain phase and the frozen stage at once… nothing is working for the pain.. anyone have suggestions?

Deb Briggs says:

It doesn't get better. Mine eventually froze up 100% and could not move my arm at all. Only surgery helped to scrape out the inflammation. Also my arm did everything opposite of what most people's arm do. I had a lot of therapy and just made it worse. I like these exercises and were helpful after surgery. I think if you catch it early, maybe these exercises might help some people. I think mine started from driving 2 hr a day for work and reaching at work due to my height worked against me. I'm not short, 5'6" but wasn't tall enuf for much of what I was doing every day.

greenladee says:

My shoulder is thawing, but has started to raise higher than my good shoulder, it looks strange. Have you ever seen this, and how do I correct it?

Anne says:

Thanks for your great simple explanations & easy to understand excerises required. Just wondering if it's possible to just slow down a little the example of the examples of motions please. Thank Guys.

D W says:

My problem is, I can't tell if I'm in the freezing stage or the thawing stage. I've been dealing with this for about 4 months now, and the pain has never really gone away, but my mobility has started to come back. So I don't know if I actually "froze" (I did baby my arm for a while and just tried not to move it) and now I'm starting to thaw? I read somewhere that the most pain happens when the body starts to reabsorb the calcium, and this is the most painful time for me. So I'm very confused about whether I should be trying to exercise more or if I'm just in for more pain.

Steve Hume says:

Big thankyou, couldn't lift my left arm up yesterday. Used the pulley technique (skipping rope over the top of an open door while sat on a chair) much better today x

Texas precision guns says:

Well all these are hard when both your arms are frozen like mine. Every day tasks are almost impossible to do, your life is basically on hold or frozen while this is happening to your body.

Sleeping in the bed upright because you don’t have any arms to help pull or push yourself up, dressing is a lot harder especially putting on socks and shoes.

Yah daily life just got a lot harder while this is going on, just got back from my doctor injecting 9cc of something in my shoulder. I can move one again but once the meds wear off, it will be very painful again.

Julie Iverson says:

I hope these work. I've had frozen shoulder for 1 1/2 years..

Mikey Hax says:

This brought back bad memories. My arm was literally stuck to my side for almost 2 years and I was in agonising pain. . Even now, 5 years later, even though my movement has mainly recovered, I still feel pain in my shoulder.

Eddie Schneider says:

See a doctor before you do these exercises BECAUSE you could be making your injury WORSE and permanent with the pain going away but with also loss of range of motion forever. That's what my doctor told me.

Holli Fugate says:

I have a patient who is 7 months into this. Help.

The health key Zhao says:


Natalie T says:

Thank you I can raise my arm in front of me but I can't do the bent arm outwards nor put my arm behind my back…. This has been the case for over a month now. I am 52 and living on ibuprofen. I think I've also had a sprained bicep because of this as I get sharp pains in my shoulder and in the back of my bicep . Thank you for this video. I will try all of this. 👍

Colin Vanner says:

Many thanks… Im gonna give these a whirl. I can't even hold a feather with an extended arm straight in front coz of the pain. I just wanna go kayaking again man😭😭

Jo'Lauren says:

Awesome video

Karina Klinkevičiūtė says:

I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder but after watching your video and some others, I am a bit confused if it's really that, or maybe rotator cuff tear or maybe even something else. My range of motion for the hand is limited, and I can't even lift it with the help of the other hand (it hurts). But in around minute 2 in your video you say that with the frozen shoulder people can't move the hand to the side but I can do that, almost in the same range as my other hand. I also hear some crackling sounds sometimes when I move that shoulder or arm. Also I have strong pain during night (though ibuprofen helps), especially if I lie on that shoulder. In the calm, the pain is in the shoulder itself, but if I do some sudden movements (for example my headphones fell and I was catching them, or I slipped on the steps going up and fell a bit and reached my arms to hold myself – this was very painful, I even had to sit, I guess I had a slight pain shock – weak legs, slight dizziness) – in those cases it's the upper arm that hurts, maybe 10-20 centimeters bellow the shoulder, outer side.

I am trying to do exercises, and will start physio in a couple weeks but as I understand, the treatment for different conditions is different and I don't want to get it wrong.

Maybe you would have some advice about it?

mn1170 says:

I’m currently in PT for frozen shoulder. They got me doing these same exercises. It’s a long process

riya vashishtha says:

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