4 Tips To Fix Knee Pain!

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Most cases of knee pain when lifting are due to either mobility and/or stability problems in the lower body. In this video, Dr. Aaron Horschig walks you through how to address each of the following:

1) Ankle Mobility
2) Hip Internal Rotation
3) Knee Stability
4) Glute Coordination

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While there may be one specific point in time at which the pain strikes, non-traumatic knee pain is usually the result of something that has been building for some time. The signs of injury are often present even before symptoms appear. For example, numerous research studies have found a connection between knee problems like patellofemoral pain syndrome, illiotibial band (ITB) syndrome, and even the development of osteoarthritis (OA) to movement problems such as excessive hip adduction (thigh moving towards the midline of the body) and internal rotation.

This means that while you may have experienced pain for the first time after a heavy squat workout last week, the cause of injury may have actually been building up to that point for a while. Therefore, the quality of your technique and the manner you load your body during training will always be the most important factor in whether you get stronger and find success or whether you fail to progress because of an injury.

If you think you’re dealing with patellar tendinopathy (which presents as a load intolerance rather than a movement problem), check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5fXd5FCS_0&t=146s

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Black Lyfe says:

I don't have knee pain in my quads

Sahil Sharma says:

U r the boss

A Squeezer and his Bike says:

Great content!! Hopefully it helps me fix my problems.

Amanda Estep says:

I have had recent right knee pain post squat workout like hours later. Doing these exercises I have uncovered that I need to do the box touch down squats and glute bridge. Thank you for sharing such helpful information.

Typical Coda says:

For the Touchdown squats, how often should I be doing the 2-3×20? Can I do it daily?

Shiva Malik says:

Can you help me on knock nee

Cerberuz says:

This guy is giving this kind of information for free,this is crazy. Today i'm doing cleans and front sqiats and my right knee was kiling me for few months now i did forts stretch (assisted airplane) and instantly feel changes in my knee. Even with emty bar my knee was hurring and now it went awesome almost no pain i'll do this stretch before every workout. Thank you so much this changed my mental state.

Aidan Gonzalez says:


Nathaniel says:

I can’t wait to try after getting these done at home. It’s so demoralising going to the gym want a decent leg day only for knee pain to stop me in my tracks

Dudi Hudi says:

I can't touch the wall with either knee. 🙁

Momen Mawad says:

Touchdown sqaut was my answer. Thank you very much!

Enthusiastik Goon says:

Wow thanks just the ankles

Simranjeet Singh says:

https://youtu.be/K3HxB6rAeDo here’s the link to e3 rehabs video which might help as well ❤️

Simranjeet Singh says:

These tips with slow progression over the single leg squat has almost took my pain away completely thanks Aron ❤️ . And for the others check a video from e3 rehab regarding petellofemoral pain.Might help u guys a lot . I’m still working on my rehab but everything is feeling much better now .

Piyush Jadhav 048 Jadhav says:

Thanks a lot I used to get knee pain after squatting improved my ankle mobility after watching this video and boom the knee pain is gone

Simranjeet Singh says:

Aron these exercises have brought my knee pain from a 7-8 to almost a 3-5 almost in a week thanks a lot 🌹

Move with Bel says:

Great tips I’m into 8 mos post op knee going.to try these as I know I have imbalance

Michelle Meow says:

This is so great. Thank you!!!

FuriousJ says:

What a bunch of nonsense

Fitway Club says:

What shoes do you (he) wear?

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