3 Exercises for Knee Pain Relief (Simple. Effective.)

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Nagging knee cap pain can really bug you and mess with your performance. Try these 3 easy exercises to find some knee pain relief.

The exercises I’ll teach you are great for 3 main reasons.

For one, they all work to bring blood flow to your knee. This is helpful because if there are any damaged tissues in the area, increased blood flow facilitates tissue healing.

Two, these exercises activate all of the major musculature around your knees. This is an important step to interrupting an unhelpful pain signal.

Sometimes your body can get stuck in a cycle of generating pain signals when a muscle isn’t being used properly, which leads to you using a muscle less, which leads to more pain signals and so on.

It’s a vicious cycle, but you can help interrupt it by consciously firing the muscles surrounding the knee, which tells the neuromuscular system that they are on and working just fine.

And finally, these 3 exercises will help provide physical relief to the tissues by breaking up adhesions and encouraging a full range of motion so that your knee can move and function how it’s supposed to.

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[1:47] In the first technique, Patellar Active Self-Myofascial Release, you’ll manually release the quadriceps muscle around the patella. This should help break down adhesions that can impact how the patella moves and cause knee cap pain.

[3:34] The second exercise, Tibial Rotations, is an open-chain exercise that activates the muscles that rotate your tibia. If your tibial rotation is limited, it will lead to excess stress on the knee.

[5:46] The third exercise, Hip Bridge with Push & Pull, is a closed-chain exercise that activates the quadriceps (knee extenders) and hamstrings (knee flexors).

If after trying these exercises you don’t find relief, it’s probably time to seek some in-person help. A physiotherapist should assess your knee and help you move forward.

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Josie M says:

Thanks So Much!

Michelle Chang says:

It’s a wonderful video, I learned so my from it, thank you so much for sharing !

Rozina Lakhani says:

Your video are very helpful thanks a lot .but alive my o e query can I wear knee cap in my leg it,s helpful to me for my knee pain ?

Longjam Ranjit says:

The very exercise is very helpful to me .Thanks for the video uploaded to u-tube. 👍🙏❤️

Biviana Garcia says:

I have ,Osteoarthritis, I'm going to start this exercise to help with my pain. Thank you so much.


I have swelling in the knee … Its ok if do this exercise ?

Christina says:

Thank you for this..it truly helps.
I barely can move without pain
All I know is I woke up with excruciating painful knee. It feels like it's on the side of my left knee I feel like it popped out possibly ligament it's an old soccer injury. I'm 41 I was 16 or so it hurts every now and then I do keep up with follow ups

Fauzia Khalid says:

Hi there! Nice video.
How can I visit your clinic.? Where are you located.? I have some issues going on in my knees. Need your help. Thanks

Shirley Heinbockel says:

I had a hip replacement a few weeks ago and have knee pain. When the tibia is rotated back and forth the hip are not being rotated. Is that correct?

ilijadobre says:

Thank you for all of this goodness you are providing with these videos and ROM app. This seems to help my pain at the back of the knee. By my own analysis I think that my pain source is popliteus muscle, and the reason is behind is overuse due to running too much too soon. If I would like to strengthen popliteus are there some exercises that you would recommend? Thank you so much!

Yasarani Samararatne says:

Thank you so much!💕


I have problems with my right knee
Went to doctor and give me diagnosis with arthritis ,make me feel sad 🙁 then going to physiotherapy for my knee getting better but I stop after 5 season now I gonna watch this video to help my knee getting better 🙂 I subscribe your channel and sorry for my English 😅

Emma Batzaka says:

Thank you so much

Minerva Minus says:

omg hahaha every vid I watch I add to my workout routine, now I have 1.5hrs in the morning and 30 mins during the day for office mobility and my evenings are for cardio workouts and bjj drills but I have a feeling imma add to my evenings too hahaha, once I feel I have a better idea of what I want to work on imma pay for the app cause everything in this channel is gold and the app is even more useful! there's 2 free programs and they're amazing! I can't believe how much knowledge there is in such a low cost

Troy Williams says:

I had Hip decompression surgery last year and ever since my knees have been very week, and I'm unable to walk up steps. Prior to surgery I used to run up steps like Superman. Can you advise?

Neil Adams says:

Thanks for this. I had a go at this as getting pain in left inner knee. When I did the bridge and pulled feet toward me I felt the tightness/ cramp in my left hamstring so it's highlighted an area that needs work.

Marlene Rushton says:

Please can you explain how to do the push and pull with the bridge?
I couldn’t see any difference in your example. Thank you in anticipation

Isabelle D'Silva says:

I can’t see exactly what exercise u r showing bcoz the the written passage is coming in between in black n can’t see at all as u r on the follow

Isabelle D'Silva says:

I m 76 years old n now I find difficult to walk n to go to the wash room I can’t sit on the commode n once I sit I can’t get up I bcome double my size to stand erect. It takes time to get up n need support to stand which is quite difficult.

Любовь Брагина says:

Очень убедительно, доступно и просто. Облегчение наступает довольно быстро. Благодарю , Вы замечательный тренер !!!

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