WORST Muscle Building Mistakes Men Over 50 Make (AVOID THESE!)

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Muscle Building Mistakes Men Over 50 Make …https://www.liveanabolic.com

Guys…there are things that may not seem like a big deal, but here are muscle building mistakes men over 50 tend to make. Make sure to use the tips I am about to give you to optimize your muscle growth, instead of hurting it. Let’s get started with the tips in this video tutorial on muscle building mistakes men over 50 make.

Tip #1: UNDERTRAINING. You need to make sure that you are training hard enough. There needs to be enough intensity, and you need to push yourself. If you don’t push yourself hard enough, you are not going to see results.

Tip #2: NOT ENOUGH LEGS. You need to train your legs more, leg muscles make up 50% of the muscle mass in your body. When you work your legs, it sends messages to your brain to ramp up the production of testosterone. Testosterone is very important for building muscle, especially as you get older.

Tip #3: USING TOO MUCH WEIGHT. Make sure to leave your ego at the door. I know you want to lift heavy at the gym because it looks good and it is impressive. Well lifting really heaving is not the key to building muscle. When lifting heavy, you tend to use bad form. When using good form, you do a better job at focusing on the contractions in your muscles.

Tip #4: SIGNIFICANCE OF NUTRITION. Nutrition isn’t just food, it includes water as well. Water is important for you to lose weight and lose fat. Start off by trying to drink a gallon of water a day, and even with that you are going to see results. After that then focus on the food you are putting into your body. Also add intermittent fasting and even carb-cycling to get really good results.

Tip #5: WARMING UP. You need to make sure to get the blood flowing and your heart rate up before you start your workouts. Another important thing to do when warming up, is to add some resistance. Doing this will also help prevent injuries, which is key for you guys over 50.

Alright guys, that wraps up this video tutorial with muscle building mistakes that you men over 50 need to avoid. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build muscle after 50 and get in shape.



Live Anabolic says:

Inside today's brand new video… 58 year old Live Anabolic trainer Mark Mcilyar reveals the WORST muscle building mistakes men over 50 make when trying to build strength and add muscle… These tips will come in handy as far as what to avoid going into 2021… so you can escape injury, slow results, and other setbacks and reach your body transformation goals!

Punky Pinko says:

This guy really knows what he's talking about. Diet, water, sleep, correct form lifting weights but train hard (lighter weights reduce chance of injury and don't skip your warmups).

Abrahan Romero says:

I’m 47 but taking this Advice. Besides Diet of Course, do Cardio about 70% and Strength Training 30%. Feel good, been doing this Regimen for a little over a year, have lost quite a bit of weight and Ppl say I look younger. Start Slow and slowly add more Weekly Activities as you start to feel your Body and your endurance Improve

T Killa says:

Reached all the same conclusions my friend, to the tee.

Edwin Justiniano says:

Warming up is so beneficial

John MFL says:

If you have been eating healthy since you were in your 20s or so, one should not have any problem. The main problem, according to a recent study published in 2020 regarding metabolic rate and its changes over time, proves that metabolism tends to decrease by the age of 60 and they also pointed out that there are three main stages when your metabolism gets affected; the first one takes place when you are between 0-20 years old (your metabolism is super high and you are technically a walking stove), the second one is from 21-60 (metabolic rates becomes more stable, but it may increase or decrease depending on your HABITS, and by HABITS I mean having a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy and sleeping well), and the last one begins at the age of 60 till your personal dawn. Since I got really paranoid at the age of 24 after reading so many studies and watching traumatic and depressing documentaries saying that at the age of 40 you are doomed to be a loser and similarly, I have not stopped doing research on these topics and I have found several contradictions. For example, I have interviewed people that go to my gym and how are in their 40s, 50s and even in their 70s and all that they told me is that if you eat healthy and work out carefully, then you should not get paranoid about aging because if you focus on having a good technique and resting well as well, then you can eat as much as you did when you were younger (every time you avoid junk food, which is not recommended at any age).

John MFL says:

Basically what this guy is saying is nothing new. These are the most common mistakes that not only newbies in their 20s do, but everyone who is not into weight lifting and fitness, so I strongly suggest listening to this guy and get vaccinated against ignorance in order to make the most of life whenever you want.

Johnny Newt says:

So here's my deal with this advise…this dude claims that he is using up to 100 pound dumbbell presses, but it doesn't show.. he's just not built very good…very discouraging.

Christopher Ellis says:

Best warm up is to walk to the gym. 40'. Do your work like Taichi. I'm 73 and have had to prove that I am over 60.

J.M .B says:

Great info here!!
People need to make exercise and fitness a way of life if they want to be healthier as old age approaches, it's not only about living longer but also about having quality of life!
Do it for yourself and your family.


Listen up MEN!!! I did the last mistake! I didn’t warm up on flat bench! Went from 225lbs 10 count to 315lbs 5 aCount then went for 405! At age 51 tryin to show off for my EGO! And ripped my “PEC MINOR” lesson of the day is warm up! Now the heaviest I bench is 225

Body and Soul says:

YOU ARE THE MAN ……As a former bodybuilder and now just workout to keep my physique at 55 , you are RIGHT ON THE MONEY !

John MFL says:

These are the same pieces of advice I would be given to someone at any age. It's common sense, so don't panic!

Sulayman Barrow says:

This should be called mistake men make PPPeriod !!

Haider Ali Khan says:

By age 40 you shouldn't be 🚩

– complaining about life

– drifting without purpose

– bitter and upset at the world

– relying on one source of income

– complaining about your finances

– fully trusting the government

MrNitKap says:

My trainer who was already 50 and super fit .. slowly kept increasing weights till one day I did 100kg squats and dead lifts- full set (120kg one rep max)…I was already 48 then…now 50 but unfortunately stopped due to COVID as gyms closed down.

Dennis D Diamond says:

Don’t agree with his statement on how hard to train. It really depends on each person, their goals and their lifestyle. You can’t put extreme stress on your body and then work an14 hour day every day. You’ll burnout over time and you’ll be miserable because you are tired all the time. For what?

J Giaguzzi says:

What is the grams of protein per lb of bodyweight for a 53 yr old male? Does the old system of 1g per lb of bodyweight still apply?

Craig Bolton says:

Toothpick thinks he's Arnold Schwarzenegger he always tells you how to get big arms big legs big this and big that look how skinny his legs are yeah mark getting real big working out in the living room have you seen this guy with his shirt off guy doesn't eat enough that's a problem hey Mark how many calories a day you take in what 500 sorry that ain't going to work you need to get 6,000 plus calories in you a day 450 g of protein a day which I know you're not getting in at all people there are so many guys his age and older you can learn from these guys look like they're ready for Mr universe contest maybe some have already entered it why do you want to learn from a toothpick this guy probably tells you rest 30 seconds between sets wrong mark you want to get big you rest 2 to 4 minutes between sets you got to have the energy to push the weight this guy has no idea what he's talking about just because he wears dog tags around his neck makes him an expert I don't think so just look at him it speaks for itself but if you think he's God's gift to bodybuilding then knock yourself out he's making money on his supplement line folks the bottom line eat good food supplement is just what it means supplement it's not food you want to get big you got to drink a lot of milk eat a lot of meat a lot of eggs a lot of food and I mean a lot of food and you won't look like this guy guaranteed he's an embarrassment

Craig Bolton says:

Mistake one showing your skinny body on YouTube mistake 2 you don't follow your own advice because whatever you're doing is not working by not working out hard enough mistake 3 you don't eat enough mistake 4 you work out in your living room mistake 5 stop giving advice

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