Senior Fitness by Tona

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Simone Bordelon says:

Thanks ♡♡

Susan Hines says:


Roberta Olivares says:

Thank you Tona. I do this routine every other day with a few added stretches.


Keren, mantab, semoga menjadi inspirasi manula2, olahraga tetap bisa untuk manula

Roberta Olivares says:

Thank you Marcia. God bless you.

Val 63 says:

I have lost count how many times I have enjoyed this work out. The only one that I really enjoy doing. Thank you so much for sharing this, I really, really appreciate it.

Bob New says:

Tona, this is a great workout for a beginner. I have been doing other exercises for several months, but I was looking for something more comprehensive. I had a desk job for 35 years and my brain hasn't done any coordinated movements for a long time. I have done the workout a few times and I still find it hard to keep up with the movements. I also see that I have a ways to go for improving my flexibility. I am definitely challenged aerobically. Thank You.

Shaheen Shoukat says:

Good job 👏

NasD Cong says:

I am 56 and was having difficulty keeping up. This was a good workout. I worked out with you for 38 minutes. I'm exhausted. lol.

Francisco Muñoz says:

Good job, its fantastic the energy of the class . Where could i found the complete music mix ?

Tara Patel says:

Very good workout. Excellent guidance.

Shanti Ruparell says:

Loved this workout! I don’t know where I was—— just found her and did the workout! It felt so right! Thank you, Tona and thank you, Marcia! God bless!😍🙏👍

Ruth Sawyer says:

Thank you! So energying

Linda says:

Love it all! Love you too!!! Have a great day..

h smith says:

This video was my first intro to exercising due to lockdown in 2020. My anniversary moment in April. Thank you. God Bless you ..

Linda Stead says:

Sorry but I can no longer hear YMCA without feeling like throwing up.

PAmela Thompson says:

This a great exercise I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you

Marina Quattrocchi says:

Thank you so much a fantastic workout.

Cleo Rebadulla says:

Wow perfect wonderful exercises i love it thank u so much

Nan Clarke says:

What size is the fitness ball?

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