Preventing Shoulder Pain While Lifting

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The shoulder joint is one most vulnerable spot in your body.
Do you suffer from shoulder or elbow pain when pressing weight over your head?

How Do You Prevent Shoulder Pain While Weightlifting?

This video will help you SOLVE this problem by explaining WHY it happens, HOW to make lifting overhead healthier for your shoulder, and WHAT to think about when you press

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The Muscle and Motion team


Ophyr says:

Thank you so much

ytrew says:

I'm glad I found you (suscribed), please do more upper traps exercices like those 3 in this physiotutors video

J Wright says:

Literally dog shit advice from people that don’t understand biomechanics

J Wright says:

Silly shit here..

istovall2624 says:

Literally immediate relief. Thanks

Patrick Julius says:

Great demonstration! However there seems to be a whole debate on this that actually your shoulders want/need to internally rotate as they go overhead, which is why with a kettle bell press or Arnold press it feels natural to start at bottom in neutral grip (ext rot) and finish at top with pronated grip (internal rotation). Same with ring pull ups, seems like shoulder naturally wants to rotate like that. Thoughts on that perspective?

Johnny Karate says:

What’s the song as video ends?

Johnny Karate says:

What song is this?

George Emil says:

Finally, a visual demonstration of external rotation during exercise. The dumbbell demo is what I was looking for. It would be more helpful if this video showed the bench press and dumbbell presses too and probably a safe way to do upright rows and lat raises.

V S says:

video for right shoulder and hand pain for teachers

Nguyen Quang Minh says:

Isnt that right arm turning anticlockwise and left arm turning clockwise? You said the opposite but probably meant that instead right?

Lyubomir says:

This type of content should be thaught in Sports in school.

Pasindu Liyanage says:

This channel helps to grasp a lot of important content, thank you ! Keep posting more !

Rolando Esteves says:

Athlean-X and this channel are both fighting for external rotation 🤣

786 body fitness says:


Robin Conquest says:

These video help so much for those of us that can't afford or won't pay for a trainer . Also give me new things to try at the gym .. Thanks 😊

WabiSabi says:

Tried the rotation and my rear upper next and traps feel so much better

Helen Johnson says:

Thanks for making these videos! This is really helpful!!

Ninja Man says:

This channel is the best way to learn about how the body moves in motion
Muscle Motion

sarah ndanji says:

My favourite channel ever ,you are the greatest keep it up ,you have helped me to become the best trainer and my trainees appreciate it

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