Over 40? How Should You Exercise?

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The four BASIC components needed in order to build a personal fitness program (designed by you) are laid out here in this video! The mode (or type of exercise), frequency, intensity and duration of exercise building blocks are explained and examples given. Building your own fitness program, based on your needs and abilities, rather then following a group or general program, is often a key to success; goals met and enjoyment found in other words! Visit: www.StrengthLab.net


pdc2878 says:

One thing to keep in mind, basketball after 40 will almost certainly induce injury if you play with the intensity to make it more intense than a 5 or 10k run.

Mang Mike Team Taiaha says:

Im stronger and large muscle wise than I ever was in my 20's & 30's….I was weak. Im 45 & thinking is testosterone injection good move to add to my lifestyle. Doctors seem to think its normal to be happy with declined testosterone & if you address that topic they hate it and have little understanding or care…… why is this???
Men should be given every opportunity to be the best version of themselves. Thoughts on this appreciated 🙏

Andrew Arun says:

Thankyou for this awesome video. I’m 41 now . When I was 38 I excercised too much in the gym . I ran in the treadmill for 1 hr with so much sweat and I use to change my shirt twice . After the run I immediately started to lift weights and one day suddenly I got heart palpitations and dizziness . No doctor couldn’t diagnose me . And after my own research I got gallbladder problems because of the sudden weightless training by my own and also electrolytes imbalance. I don’t go out in the sun much and my vit D was 7 at that time . I had noproper diet . Now I take vit D , zinc and magnesium and do moderate excercise like walking and cycling. My body is not like before after that incident but I’m just okay now . I did the biggest mistake of doing strenuous excercise without proper guidance of nutrition and exercise. Now I’m 41 and I know what to do and what not todo . Can I get back like before?pls advise .

Luke Harris says:

Found you today – thank you. I’m a VERY recently diagnosed T2D and over 40. In fact? I’m over 50!! I’m gathering my information with a view to reversing my T2D. Thanks again brother …

forrest malcom says:

I am 48 years old. I had the Sleeve surgery a fews years ago. I eat less . I lost over a 100 ibs. I’m starting to jog every day about 2 miles & do sit-ups & push ups in between laps then I do light weights work outs . I don’t have that same push & drive like I used to but I do what can to make my self feel better physically and mentally

I dont care Sapo says:

Thanks for the video…I'm 41 fairly fit..i worked out almost my entire life. Now i can tell that my body doesn't respond the same and also i get injured a bit easier. My question is what is the perfect way to weigh training? Should I do heavy low reps or light weight with more repetition. I still want to build as much muscle as I can without killing my body

fihtah says:

38 years here and straining my lower back was my wake up call to workout smarter. it's sometimes hard to keep in mind my age and i tend to over do workouts or workout like i use to when i was younger but this injury really made me realize many things i never considered before. will be starting light training in a few weeks time and will be following your advice.

minorityvoice says:

49 just starting back after a hiatus of 25 years of weight training. Always stayed active but I wasn't lifting. Starting back the past few months and it's working well. Feeling stronger and healthier for sure. Wife likes it too. The problem for us older gents is making sure we don't injure ourselves. The rehad time us much longer and could develop into something worse if not healed well. Be wise no bro shit.

Doctor Catnip says:

I am 41 and exercising exactly as I did at 20. Why wouldn’t I?

Eastern European Tracksuit says:

Why walking?

SUNSYLO1973 says:

Great sharing I’m 47 going 48 I exercise 15-25 minutes a day between 3-4 times a week now back in my prime I do 6 times a week bro 😄✌🏽

Sean Chang says:

Great topic I'd like to learn more about but everything you said is kind of common sense explained in a complicated manner.

Llathrum Marine Mechanic says:

I'm 54, Diabetic with not so good control, I'm working on it. I get tired easy because of it and I need to fix that. I want to work out and burn these sugars off. I don't want to damage my feet so I could walk or ride a bike. Thanks

Lloyd W says:

Hi! Great video. I am 47 and just started doing resistance machines at the gym every other day. I love cardio but don’t enjoy the resistance one bit. Is 30 min enough time to cover what I need on the machines. I like to get through it as quickly as possible and mainly work on arms and core with little work on legs.

Thanks for your input!

butiaklein says:

Damn shame i just found out about your channel…golden

ependysi says:

Exercise is more effective than all the pills they give you.

Carlos Dejesus says:

Hi, My name is Carlos Iam 49 and Iam confused about eating and staying hungry should I eat more and yes trying to lose fat and gain muscle

Joe McGuire says:

Not sure this will be seen since this video is a few years old but I could use some educated advice. Thank you for the video it’s making me think harder. 2 1/2 years ago I was 148Lean muscle not jacked but not runner thin. Eventually I stopped going to the gym and my eating habits slowly went back to garbage as time went on it all added up now I’m 41 and was 194 last week so I rejoined gym. First few days walked fast in neighborhood from 20 minutes to hour. Past three days I went to the gym and did an hour of semi hard cardio. Before I reached the 148 lean mark I had an advantage I was semi-fit already with not much stomach fat to tear off now I have a big mountain to climb I know the formula of getting ripped and lean but I’m worried I might injure myself. My plan is to do lots of cardio and start using weights but light weights with high reps if you get a chance could you hit me back and let me know what you think. Thanks!

JimiRay says:

Straight to the point. Tq Sir

Al Gon says:

Sir I wish you were more active on YT, your wisdom is scarce online.

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