Most Important Exercise For Seniors to Master

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Most Important Exercise For Seniors to Master

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Bob and Brad demonstrate the most important exercises for seniors to do.

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Teacher1570 says:

my dad use to say he could fix anything but a broken heart and the break of day.

Wendy Hannan says:

I just love Bob and Brad, their so down to earth and generally love helping people. Thanks guys your the best.✅ Cheers, from Australia 🇦🇺

Merlita Sevilla Bader says:

Thanks both of you. Great for seniors like us. Keep us moving with ease.

S Grant Caron says:

These gents remind me of the Mr Rodgers of Physical Therapy. Not for the sweaters or what Fred Rodgers did.
what i mean – easy to follow, easy to understand and hard to forget. Entertaining, Informative and man does it add to quality of life.

Wm. Traynor says:

Interesting about the "bridge". It was giving me pain but then I have a protruding disc at L4/5 and a joint mis-alignment on the lower right. Had not heard about squeezing my butt together. Could doing that have prevented pain?

A P says:

Thank you guys. Love ya !!!!

Cici says:

cool, thanks

Lana Odierna says:

Are you guys brothers?

blindfaith says:

Il try it looks quite easy! Thanks!

Helen King says:

Great advice. I love the purse comment, lol!

Anonymike says:

2:50 Isn't that, like, more important for chicks?

Paula Harrill says:

Hello what pillow is on the massage bench? What pillow do you recommend for neck pain an all over good pillow!!

Chris Fraser says:

I am truly a beginner. Can I use the incline on on my total gym to accomplish the squats.

Susan says:

One can look after themselves, while young, but things happen. I'm told my hips are tight, this is why my legs have become weak, but I believe it's my knees, as I have no hip pain, and I can walk with an aide. I was very fit and flexible, up until the past 2 yrs. Was swimming, but that became dangerous, due to getting in and out of the pool. I do squates, holding onto a chair, and also calf lifts. Waiting on stemcell procedure now.

Judy okonji says:

Love your advice. Great therapist can also be very helpful to young adults!

SkyTechBits says:

Yes Brad they are called pumps 😀 Thank you both for all that you do.

Gabriel J Marian says:

try this every day:

J alley says:

I’m so glad your the most famous therapist on the internet! We all know it’s true!

Marjay Laske says:

Hard for me with artificial knees.

Mike says:

Bob and Brad, you definitely are the 2 most famous Physical Therapists anywhere, not just the internet!

We wish you were near us so you could help us even more than you do on your videos?
God Bless you both always!

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