4 BEST Exercises for Achilles Tendon Pain (Tendinopathy | Tendinitis | Tendonitis)

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What are the best stretches, strengthening, or other kinds of movements for achilles tendon pain? We would make a strong argument these are the best 4 exercises for any of the conditions generally located in that region. These are based on the current body of evidence we have on achilles tendon related pain – which we will link down below.

Utilizing these 4 exercises you’ll address the local capacity of the tissues for the achilles tendon, while also developing the entire kinetic chain, maximizing lower body function that may contribute to the function of the ankle.

If you think there are other movements that we should classify as “best” exercises for it, comment down below and let us know what you think!

As well, tell us in the comments what kind of pathology or condition you’d like us to cover the best exercises for in the future!

Introduction (0:00)
Exercise 1 – 1:24
Exercise 2- 3:19
Exercise 3 – 4:48
Exercise 4 – 6:28
Summary – 7:36
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Disclaimer: The information presented is not intended as medical advice or to be a substitute for medical counseling but intended for entertainment purposes only. If you are experiencing pain, please seek the appropriate healthcare professional.


E3 Rehab says:

Thank you so much for watching! What other topics do you want us to cover?

Marwa Emara says:

Thank you that was really helpful and so easy to follow

TJ Training says:

I thought the current research suggests that going into a deficit is not necessary ?

Brock Shands says:

I always have pain in my Achilles from lacrosse it suckss

elinor Durr says:

You talk a bit fast so I battle to understand

Rory Ryan says:

No bs, just straight clear expert advice

v i says:

you should get special shoes or something to put in them to fix that pronation :O

we know his voice says:

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Data Group says:

Thanks so much for the great information! I'm an avid tennis player (in my 40's) and recently started suffering from non-insertional tendinopathy. I'm excited to add these exercises to my maintenance!

rublaj says:

the number 3 exercicise is just the same as jumping rope… I had pain in my achilles and it got really better just jumping rope like 5 min a day.

Fara Rohim says:

when i can start the exercise after surgery

matty1k1 says:

1) Calf Raise
2) Seated Calf raise
3) double leg hop
4) deadlift

Madison Blancher says:

Not me finally about to take care of my tendonitis at 23 but was diagnosed at 10 oops

Hector Ortiz says:

I can watch him all day long.

cheekati hari says:

hi sir good mornig i chating from my self … six months back my left leg tendon a chilles compound completey cut sir ..after cosmotic surgry i am suffer from till now .. how can recovery get previous running and mooment my leg plss give me diet suggestion and best exercisess pls sir

Anthony Manayao says:

Thank u so much!

toby_21_ says:

Thanks so much

Efrain Del Campo says:

Could jump roping be a viable option for replacing exercise 3?

Jakob Guldager says:

Didn't you use to have a samiliar video in which you discussed parameters as well? Thanks

Eric Chevalley says:

Awesome! Thanks!

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