One Movement for Instant Sciatica Pain Relief

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In this video you are going to get the best movement for instant sciatica pain relief.

If you’re experiencing Sciatica pain and leave it untreated you could be setting yourself up for permanent nerve damage. This pain can stem from changes in your spine as you age, prolonged periods of sitting at a job, being overweight, and even diabetes.

The methods I use are intended to correct your pain and allow your body to heal completely, but it’s important to understand that this is not your typical exercise. With this exercise you are allowing your brain to reorganize your body. Using excessive force with this exercise is going to be counterproductive and actually limit the results you are able to achieve.

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Immaculata Ortner says:

I wonder where this kind of Dr is in Namibia 🇳🇦🇳🇦Suffering from this severe pain. All they do is refer you to physiotherapist

Preet Johal says:

Brilliant video, so well explained. But unfortunately for me made things worse.

Jay Clarke says:

Had it for months it’s a nightmare to sleep

jenny Stephenson says:

This is a load of twaddle , Sciatica causes me severe pain just standing up when I get out of bed in both legs right down to my knees, I cannot do those excercises without screaming.

barrie-john Hovell says:

fook you the second i started doing this i felt pain in my opposite side groin where i didnt have any pain before

s1l3nze says:

Lie flat on your back…it works…especially as the anesthesia hits and they roll you onto your back and the neurosurgeon repairs it. You'll feel like a million bucks walking out the hospital the same day!

Melanie Rose says:

What if the pain is in your tailbone?

masood ahmad says:

It worked, 80% went away after doing 8-10 time

nina wade says:

Thank You for helping

The Guy says:

did absolutely nothing for me. perhaps sciatica is not my issue… all i got was cramping in the front of my hip haha

christopher johnson says:

This always works like a TOP.. Glad you made this presentation

Crystl22 says:

OH Thank you! I have been having a really tough time lately. I was doing this exercise with you & felt nothing. I was afraid to get up off the floor but I had absolutely no pain after doing this. I have been doing the stretches I was shown in PT & they weren't working. Thank you so much!

Srabani Dolui Bhukta says:

Thank u so much Dr….I have been suffering from lower back pain for 12 days…u helped me a lot..I am resting on bed for 1 week as my Dr prescribed..

Terri Jarvis says:

Hey just tried it does help!

Terri Jarvis says:

Cant wait 2 try have had siatic pain over 2 yrs

mack daddy says:

Your relief worked thanks.

mack daddy says:

Hi Dr. I'm 58 out of shape from lying down most of the time because I live in a small place.i have sciatic pain on my left side that moves away from my hip to the back of the knee and the inside of my left foot go numb.that hurts enough that I have to sit down every1/2
Block.a cane does not help.But I can ride a bike with absolutely zero pain what is up.I thought I'd mention it because,I was using my bike for support because I could not walk. I thought I could coast down a hill and ????? sh*t sake I could pedal. Dose not help the CAUSE of the pin but I can get around like mad.
Maybe someone else can try the bike,it's a bitch getting the leg over but once over, thank you God. Did I mention I'm 58
So there's that.
P.S your your freebe says I have a syntaxes error in my email?
Thanks Mark P.

Alexsnakedoc says:

More no gi judo

Sudhir Talwar says:

So simple and yet very effective. Had to pay attention The Right way and The Wrong way. Pain reduced on day one. Thanks

JoMomma239 says:

Didn't do jack shit for me. Ty though

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