One Minute Sciatica Exercises for Quick Relief & Cure of Sciatica (Updated Video)

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One Minute Sciatica Exercises for Quick Relief & Cure of Sciatica (Updated Video)

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Bob and Brad demonstrate quick relief exercises for sciatica. This video is an updated version from a previous video.

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Myrna Watkins-Aten says:


Gamer Dad says:

Chair dips, hands braced off seat behind me, have helped me alot. It helps me alot to use the legs to varying degrees to assist with weight distribution.
I eventually add a "duck wiggle" in-between reps, while static… I'm just arching my back in low stance, bracing my back and shoulders against my hands behind me on the chair cushion and wiggle my posterior.

Your thumbnail reminded me of a laydown version of this.

I also have been trying hanging lately and was glad to see this on your channel… you can find videos of dudes in their 70s still able to hang and do amazing movements, and are in incredible shape. Keep it up!

Christina Von Heidenstam says:

Can one have fake sciatica?????

Christina Von Heidenstam says:


Lisa Trebbi says:

I love you two! you are so very helpful to countless people! Bob prayers and healing to you, Love you and Brad

Chris Campau says:

I tried these today for the first time. Instant relief from the last exercise with Brad. It will be included in my exercise program. Thanks!

Trevor Quinn says:

I have watched tons of your videos, no matter what I do I can’t find relief for what’s going on in my sciatic. Either the stretches are too hard to do or they simply provide not much release of pain. I’ve been in constant pain for multiple weeks with no avail. I went to the doctors and they have me doing most of the stretches I see you guys do. You have many more than they have me do. Wish I could get some relief

Priya M says:

Dear Bob and Brad. You guys have helped me a lot to come out of sciatica pain. It used to kill me. I started the stretches you taught and god's grace I literally have no pain at all. Can't thank you guys enough 🙏🙏🙏 forever thankful ❤️

Kikisch says:

My pain is in my hip, upper glute with occasional tingling in the bottom of my leg near the ankle. My leg does not hurt at all.

Het D says:

U ppl r doing gr8 job ….alleviating pain from people's life

Mary Chesebrough says:

Although I do have some discomfort in my leg, my pain starts in my butt and moves around toward my hip..extreme pain

Bella Angelus says:

I need to try some of these exercises. I have sciatica and its extremely painful to where I can barely walk. Thanks for the video Bob and Brad!


Your instruction is very important thank you for sharing ❤

bobgure says:

With the chairs: How long do you hold the lift and how many reps? Thanks!

Carol Doyle says:

Y’all are the best!! Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge ❤️

arunkumar Raghuvanshi says:

THANKS! Both of YOU!Angelic People!

Wayne Jenski says:

This was a life saver! Thank you guys so much.

Robert Barlow says:

Hey guys, you failed to mention to people that their pubic bone may be out of place. I did stretches as you recommended starting Tuesday. Thursday I saw my chiropractor, and she said oh you're pubic bone is out. She made an adjustment and pain was gone.

alexis olmsted says:

My foot only usually goes numb when I'm on my back.. either doing 4 stretch to stretch pyraformis muscle or pulling my knees into my chest.. and lying on my stomach on my elbows I feel all this pressure in my low back.. I cannot lift anything at all or do household chores or grocery shop do laundry .. idk what's wrong with me and no one will help me figure it out!!! It took me three months to get a doctor's appt and they ordered an x-ray and I'll start a different PT and then we'll see what happens… I just don't know what's wrong with me and no one seems to care I'm not even 30

Kim Kane says:

You two make learning back exercises unforgettable and they work on pain

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