Biceps Tendonitis Treatment and Exercises Explained

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In this video Maryke discusses proximal Biceps Tendonitis or Tendinopathy – what causes it, what it feels like and what treatment works well. She also discusses the rehab process, including things to avoid and how to sensibly progress your exercises.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:15 Anatomy of the biceps tendons
00:04:08 Symptoms of biceps tendonitis
00:06:09 Causes of biceps tendonitis
00:09:44 Rehab exercises for biceps tendonitis
00:21:03 Alternatives to rehab exercises
00:23:36 How long for biceps tendonitis to heal?

Lower Biceps Tendonitis Treatment:

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Mark Eyman II says:

Super helpful video. Would you recommend a loaded pendulum for a little bit of traction? Like holding a 8kg weight?

Mike says:

Hold on? You said don't have your elbows back when you do biceps curls as it irritates the injury. Then you go and say seated rows are OK but done properly the elbows are pushed way back.??????? Pfff

Desiree Harrington says:

I have two injuries in my shoulder. The long head bicep has tendinitis and a mild tear of my supraspinatus. A recent steroid shot, ice, rest and this video lesson is fantastic. I will get better.

Christofer Berruz Chungata says:

I checked out all the symptoms: pain while driving, pain in internal rotation, and a tingling sensation down my bicep after a workout. Gladly, I did listen and took the week off. However, I will be following these exercises to help improve my condition. It was super helpful! And thank you so much!

inda mitchell says:

Thanks for another helpful video Maryke. Followed your recommendations in 2018 for achilles tendonitis which healed and has not reoccured. This time working on healing right biceps tendinopathy. The caution on stretching was especially helpful for me.

Dylan Sorensen says:

Very very helpful. How long should I wait before implementing rows? How about bench press?

Mod Sdk says:


Annie Mac says:

Thank you, Maryke, for such a well presented analysis of this issue. Much appreciated xx

Marcus T. says:

She's good , real good 🙂


Great and very informative video. My problem seems to get worse at night. Im a back sleeper. Would you recommend anything to help the pain at night? I’ve switched numerous times and used towels to raid the arm level all without much success…

DMG Soul'togetherness says:

grade 2 ac joint pain..week three..some bicep ache as well as the shoulder..

simosimeonov_ says:

I have to be honest, I have a shoulder injury for 2-3 months now. And this is so far one of the best explanatory videos i found on the internet. My injury do not heal because I do not let it heal. I had to watch this so I can understand it. Thank you, you are awesome!

justynjonn says:

Most descriptive and watchable video I have seen on this injury.

Hoojammyflip says:

Thank you for this advice 🙂

movementislife says:

The pec minor would pull on the coracoid process causing less space too.

N. Yaca says:

I feel trapped because it's probably a repetitive strain injury in my case and I can't quit my job.
I've already bought an ergonomic keyboard, and an ergonomic mouse but the nature of my work requires me to type all day and use the same keyboard shortcuts over and over again. I'll try the tips from this video but I can't cut out the movements that cause it completely.
What makes it worse is that I used to swim (casually) twice a week and I've had to take a break for almost a year. Switched to running (again very casually, 2–3k twice a week) until my achilles acted up. I've already subscribed to Treat My Achilles, lol.

I've spent so much time on my sofa last winter I've put on a stone and got really depressed but maybe there's hope for me yet … 😩

Ailin Vanessa Pinto Salazar says:

Hello, I hope you are well, I have a question, I have a tendinosis in the tendon of the long portion of the biceps, and in the rotator cuff, I would have to treat both things at the same time and first one and then the other, I tell you because I read that shoulder external rotations can cause the biceps to move a lot and be affected and I felt it doing

Linda Ardigo says:

Putting your bra on. ? I step into mine now.

seezoos says:

This video discuss all the questions in my head, great content 🙌

Anshul Saurabh says:

I have neck pain bicep pain and pain in pec major would appreciate if u can recommend which exercise to start with

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