5 BEST Tennis Elbow Exercises (Lateral Epicondylitis | Epicondylalgia | Tendinopathy)

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Anisha Daniels says:

Much appreciated Thank You man!

Daniel Garcia Robles says:

I started doing these exercises and wow, the pain goes right away! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise 🙂

brokentelephone says:

How many sets of each and how many times a day / week? Thanks (sorry I am too distracted to watch the whole video)!

Danny Rodriguez says:

Thanks for the video will definitely have to try this out . The weird thing is I recently started having these pains after doing yard work . I was pulling weeds out must have pulled wrong I was fine that day but the next day I started experiencing these pains on elbow. I thought it was no big deal but It has been 2 months already and now I’m a bit worried This definitely has stopped me from exercising and sucks because I’m a barber moving elbow all day and at night i feel a shock like pain from elbow to hand and this has taking a toll on me

Johnny Limitless Sanchez says:

i got a Bad pain right now from installing laminate flooring…

Jimmyrey6857 says:

My golfers elbow I had for years when I was young and knew no better finally went away after training my shoulders and upper back which I ignored for years.

Dr Muhammad Ibrahim says:

Very good information

Deb adams says:

Very helpful!! Thank you!

Patavinus says:

After almost two months f pain, my elbow was 95% fixed afer doing these exercises ONCE! Thank you!

Good Yeoman says:

I get very mild intermittent tennis elbow. I think the years of boxing and push ups contributed to it. It's pull ups, of all things, that makes mine flare up. I plan to switch to ring pull ups, and see if that, combined with the helpful exercises in this video, reduced the pain.

Evan Font says:

So is it just one set of each? He comments on reps but not sets I don’t think. Just don’t want to overdo it.

Jeffrey Wallace says:

I had a massive case of elbow bursitis which also turned into tennis elbow. This was super beneficial thanks so much!! I look forward to checking out your other ones for my shoulder and knee minor stuff. This I have been dealing with for about 9 months. Literally my bone was clearly sticking out of place it was bad. Downside of trading to hard I guess and paying attention to stretching, which is easily over looked I think then you start to learn your body more and all the intricacies.

Matt says:

Great video thanks – does the side-lying ER also work the lower / mid traps? or just the rotator cuff?

Morgan Moossun guitar says:

Very informative and I will try all of the exercises.

Claus Bille Nielsen says:

How many times can I repeat these exercises pr. day?

Gear Box says:

Why no Tyler Twist?

Yip LekHong says:

I've been living with this pain for years..due to my labour intensive job. I will try your exercise tips. Thanks !

Yoshihisa Shimazu says:

My problem is no matter the weight, reverse curls and the rotation one always makes it worse the next day. And I have a house ands kids to take care of. It feels like when doing these exercises I have to sit around do nothing and workout for a few months. Thats not feasible. Any insight how damaging it is to generally do chores and get and have pain throughout the day? Its been 4 years man, im literally dying over here. Also working out the shoulder with weights is out of the question, always makes the elbow worse.

Relationship Standards says:

Couldn’t straighten my arm without initial pain. Did the side open book stretch and immediately the pain went away. Thanks!


Every new arm wrestler welcome to the house of pain where this won’t help 😂😂🦾

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