Senior Chair Fitness Seated Exercise Workout | 11 Minutes | Elderly Friendly | Sit and Get Fit!

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This is a 11-minute seated exercise for people who need to sit exercise and get fit. This chair workout is full of fun and energy not your typical senior chair workout. The seated exercises are safe, fun, effective and easy to do and learn. Some of the moves are chair version of The Macarena, The Chicken Wing and more. This is chair aerobics for everyone! You will have so much that you will forget that you are exercising. You can buy the full DVD version at



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janine cox says:

Good morning Rev Fitness

Joan Widdifield says:

First time seeing your workout. Love you, Paul Eugene! What a gift to seniors!

Marcella Morris says:

Hey; thank u so much am from Chicago I'll. Just wanna let u know that U have been a God sent am 63 yrs young 😇🤗 watch u Three times a week🎉💝how did I do, seem to be yourr catch phrase …. May the Lord bless u your's. In all your endeavors 💯🤩

Tina Coyle says:

Your classes make a difference to my like I have a SCI but I try hard 😊

Ellie Kate says:

Always fun, thank you Paul!

ساره ا says:

ابك هالعجيزات انشط مني الله يخلف علي

Dee M says:

I love it when you have company! Thanks Paul!

Vyrus McDisco says:

Hi! I'm not a senior (i'm not even 30) but have severe mobility issues and your channel is giving me tons of fun ideas for days I'm less mobile to stay active. new fan!

MaryJ815 says:

Did 2 of your workouts tonight. As a person with severe knee issues, that used to workout regularly, along with playing Tennis, I appreciate this motivation to keep me moving, and try to get myself back in shape….. THANK YOU!!

mizzhllywd says:

Thanks for this. It gives me an idea for the class I instruct.

Theresa Melo says:

Hi Paul! My friends and I just did the entire workout. We work in a cubicle where we mainly sit all day and work on computers. Your video inspired my friends and I to appreciate mobility and the fact that we can still workout while on the job. Look forward to your other videos! Thanks.

Jeannie Jones Spagirl says:

I love your great attitude! You have high energy and a positive attitude like me. I teach singalong workouts and use two of your exercises, the jab one and the Macarena. I love your personality! You Inspire!

Frederika Latif says:

You are such a fab teacher.

Kay Rowe says:

paul I have been doing your other exercise the ten minute one with seated jacks you did reply to me saying to do strength training as well so I added 3lb weight while I do it will this help me to lose weight I also run 3miles 4 times aweek is this enough to help me lose weight while cutting calories

zuley ! says:

love your videos helps me with my patients

zuley ! says:

what type of music is that ??

Kay Rowe says:

paul I have been doing the ten minute chair workout with the seated jacks try to do it three times a day if eating healthy as well can I lose weight

Command Sergeant says:

I love you cueing and energy Paul. I use a lot of your moves in my silver sneakers class. Keep the videos coming.

Beverly Coleman says:

I really enjoyed this workout! I will be using this one daily! Thank you!

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