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Designed specifically for patients with spinal cord injuries and others who benefit from seated exercise. The video offers both aerobic and resistance/strength training exercises, and includes safety tips and other guides for an effective workout for better health.


The Playful Poignant Poet says:

love this workout. where can I get the thrive shirt

Shalley Roy says:

Suggest some leg movements exercise

Tammy Summerfield says:

Thank you for this exercise video from a wheelchair. I am a paraplegic due to MS.

We love Dogs says:

LOVE this video. I have MS (SPMS) and this was awesome! This will be part of my workouts 3 times a week. Love the trainer. She’s great!! Love the guys and their beautiful smiles πŸ₯°. Thanks for your help πŸ™β€οΈ

daniel peoples says:

After I had a brain aneurysm this was the only video I could excersize too thanks for posting it as it was instrumental in the beginning of my recovery

Speed Racer says:

I've been wanting to find a video that had upper body exercises but got halfway thru and was tired. I know I'll be sore tomorrow but after 6 months of stuff they do at this nursing home is a joke . Not a spring chicken at 63 but was in better shape before my incident and lost my muscle tone and had and stil good muscle strength and lost weight. The more you do get much easier. To read comments from my fellow wheel bound associates whose also need to stay in shape. Peace out.

Livia Vodarici says:

Thank you for posting this workout, for me is definitely good as I feel the hardship of doing it. Is this also efficient if you want to lose weight? I know that cardio exercises are good for this goal too. I am not in shape as I need to have a good workout routine, and I want to know if these exercises are efficient to lose some fat around the abdomen area and to strenghten a bit those muscles.
Does anybody know exactly?

Another_One says:

I just injured my leg and I must say this actually provides a great workout! Thank you so much ❀️

Cliff Llewellyn says:

i have spina bifida loved these exercises

Mable Meade says:

I love this video it really helps me

fr@nk!3 b00 says:

While typing this, I'm currently in a Kaiser Permanente hospital with COVID and these exercises are helping my body to become reconditioned to movement while I'm stuck in this bed. So far, after only 3 days of this routine, I'm able to take several steps (with a walker) without becoming winded and feeling exhausted. Thank you, Kaiser, for this video and for your skilled, knowledgeable, and personable medical team!!

Androulla Nicou says:

hi im a paraplegic t6-t7 complete this is an amazing video thank you

KaVibes Tv says:

Thank u for sharing this, I would do this . Keep sharing & enjoy .

dianne coderes says:

I love this video thank for share this exercise

Nordisk Katt says:

Very good explanation of correct form for the various exercises, thanks!

Rosario Alvarez says:

Is perfect for me because I have problems with the rotation of the left shoulder thanks πŸ™

Marlena Lupa says:

I love this video 😊

Juan Vazquez says:

And my mom said there isnt wheel chair work outs

P eace says:

Do you have (in bed) light resistance band training?

P eace says:

Nice workout for those wanting a seated workout! I really like the workout crew and the voice of the lady.

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