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Learn more about knee arthritis exercises here:

Welcome to Dr. Matthew Boes’s Knee Arthritis Conditioning video. The goal of this video is to reduce stress on the knee and maximize pain-free function. This program targets thigh muscles, hamstrings, hip muscles and calf muscles to improve support and reduce stress on the knee, and is broken down into 3 phases:
STRETCHING to reduce tension and irritation in the knee
STRENGTHENING to improve stability and function
CARDIOVASCULAR EXERCISE to increase endurance

Please remember the following as you engage in this knee arthritis conditioning program:

These are easy exercises for knee arthritis that can be performed at your home.
Perform this knee arthritis workout program 3-4 times per week
Start with 5-10 minutes of low impact exercise such as walking, walking in place or stationary bike to get muscles warm and reduce chance of irritation or injury.
Perform all exercises on both legs – this will help prevent imbalance between the rehab and non-rehab knee.
Pain-relief modalities are essential throughout this program to help limit discomfort and allow you to progress with the exercises. These include:
Anti-inflammatory medications [NSAIDs]
Topical NSAIDs or analgesic ointments
Moist heat prior to exercise to loosen up stiffness
Icing for 5-10 minutes after exercise to limit inflammation
Knee compression sleeves
If you develop any questions or concerns regarding your condition while using this video, contact your physician

The goals of these exercises are to improve knee motion and reduce tension in the joint. Please remember the following as you engage in stretching exercises for knee arthritis:
Perform STRETCHING exercises prior to doing STRENGTHINING exercises. Repeat stretching at the end of the session.
Hold stretch in each position 30 seconds; then relax for 15 seconds; and repeat
Do 5 repetitions for each stretch

The following stretching exercises, which are demonstrated in this video, should be conducted during your knee arthritis conditioning program:

Standing quad stretch
Standing hamstring stretch

Early Strengthening Exercises
The goal of these exercises is to build strength and stability in the knee. Please remember the following as you engage in early strengthening exercises for knee arthritis:
Let pain be your guide; if you find a certain exercise too painful to complete, then reduce the intensity of the exercise or abandon it altogether
Start with no weight and progress to light dumbbells or ankle weights to increase resistance
Perform 1-2 sets for 12-15 repetitions each exercise
When performing leg extension, keep resistance light to avoid irritation

The following early strengthening exercises, which are demonstrated in this video, should be conducted during your knee arthritis conditioning program:

Half squats
Standing hamstring curls
Calf raises
Leg extensions
Straight leg raises
Prone hip extensions
Hip abduction
Hip adduction

Advanced Strengthening & Conditioning Exercises
The goal of these exercises is to advance muscle strength, coordination and endurance for long-term pain relief. Please remember the following as you engage in advanced strengthening and conditioning exercises for knee arthritis:
Continue EARLY STRENGTHENING exercises.
As strength and flexibility improve, add these exercises to improve knee stability and pain-free function
Cross-training exercises limit repetitive stress on certain body parts and reduce overuse injuries
All exercises are low impact; start with a single exercise for 10-15 minutes and progress as tolerated
Perform 1-2 sets of strengthening exercises for 12-15 repetitions

The following advanced strengthening and conditioning exercises, which are demonstrated in this video, should be conducted during your knee arthritis conditioning program:

Leg press – machine
Dumbbell squaTS
Cross training – stationary bike
Cross training – elliptical machine
Cross training – walking
Cross training – incline walking

This video should not be used as a substitute for regular physical therapy visits and guidance from your physician. Regular physical therapy visits are valuable for giving you feedback on your progress and helping to ensure you are doing exercises properly. If you develop any questions or concerns regarding your condition while using this video, contact your physician.


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Madhusudan Gorai. says:

Very good. Thank you Sir

Ian Wilson says:

Hip adduction and adduction seem to irritate my knee. Should I not include these?

TM Crocker says:

I can't even get my knee to bend enough to do the first stretch 🤣😂🤣

joAnn DI says:

If one could pull their foot up behind their to stretch….there would be no problem and wouldn't be watching this.

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Standing with a weight? Definitely not a physiatrist. You should be ashamed!

Dutchess Dioji says:

Crazy to pull leg backwards and hold with knee pain. Gone!

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elendilnz says:

Thank you very much Dr Boes 🙂😍

skalar says:

what about the standing-quad-stretch, if you have a torn meniscus (degenerative tear)? doesn´t hurt, to do it, but couldn´t it increase the tear?

Robert Evans says:

This must be for people with very little or no knee at all, surly not for people with serve pain

V. Presto RPN, RCRT, LCRT says:

Fantastic Video. To the point. Great additional info below video. Thanks for using a "real" person. Will share with colleges and clients in physical fitness.

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