AT HOME Chair Exercises for SENIORS or BEGINNERS / 30 minutes (no equipment needed)

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A beginner 30 minute chair exercise class designed for seniors or beginners wanting the option of chair exercises. Suitable for anyone looking to get back into fitness. Ideal for seniors, older adults, those with mobility issues, or beginners. Water bottles or food cans can be used for weights if needed.

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Wishing you improved health!

Disclaimer: You should always consult your physician before starting any ‘Improved Health’ fitness program or any other fitness program. This content is not medical advice and is intended for general education and demonstration purposes only. The use of the information provided in this video is solely at your own risk.

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james quig says:

Much enjoyed as always -at86 and counting . nercixxxxxx

Mindy Collins says:

Can you do a seated exercise for just lower body

Carole Pfefer says:

anyone know of an exercise site that does not include pressure to knees asI have one soon to be bone on bone. . not to say this is not great routine

Pat Evans says:

I have knee replacements so cannot do many floor excersises or running/jumping. So I do stationary biking, but these movements are great on off days for upper body, especially. Good, solid program. Thanks!

Maureen O’Connor says:

Thanks for your hard work putting these videos together. I started this one last week and had to change to the 10 minute video. Today I was able to get all the way through this video! Thanks again. You are truly appreciated.

life in color Name says:

I work as a caregiver and my seniors can't sit in a chair but they do sit in arm chair or couch. They love this workout but , a slower paced on in an arm chair would be amazing for them. Do you have such a video?

Bonni McKinney says:

I really like your routines because you tell us what we should be feeling for each stretch so we know if we are doing it correctly.

Larry J says:

I love your exercize s lots of fun

L TA says:

Thank you. Love this. I felt invigorated after this.

Mary Margaret Moore says:

Just found your exercises on YT; have been wheelchair bound for over a decade and am really feeling better after following them for two weeks. Thank you so much!

Soraya Chituck says:

Had fun as a first time to your guide and even though my left shoulder is achy.
Thank you

Laurie Phelan says:

How do I find the "Day 2-7" of this class? Not only am I a beginner, but I am challenged with respect to the internet.

T B says:

My mom really likes this 😊 thank you

Karamjit Rattan says:

Your video is great 👍 thanks

Nata Lie says:

Great job ! Thank you for this complete workout 🏋️‍♀️ 😊😊🇫🇷

Lisa Clements says:

I just started this exercise, I believe this great exercises will benefit me and be a plus to my physical therapy. Thank you.🤗❤♿

ibrahim sarm says:

I love your chair workout. I enjoy exercising after you. Can you figure out how much you spend on this 30 min workout?

Marie Dion says:

Thank you Sharon. Your program is great. Love it!

Roberto Rossi says:

Your videos are great! Thank you so much for your work! God bless you!

Karen Swartz says:

I really liked this! I have MS which affects my legs so the leg part is difficult, but it did get my heart rate up which is rare for me Since I can’t move fast!

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