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Frozen shoulder, or adhesive capsulitis, is a condition that causes stiffness and pain in your shoulder joint from adhesion build up. These stretches & exercises should help relieve frozen should pain. Watch another frozen shoulder video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wT8gPa-6B-c&index=5&list=PLPS8D21t0eO_Ny9ors3aP4K1P_91a2-yw&t=0s

For a frozen shoulder, signs and symptoms typically begin gradually, worsen over time and then resolve, usually within one to three years. Stretches and exercises can help speed up the recovery time.

First, using a pulley to help get your motion passively, can be very helpful. Since you are able to completely relax for the stretch, you can often get more motion.

The next stretches are called pendulums. For a frozen shoulder, using a small weight in your hand helps open up the shoulder joint. You can also rock front to back and side to side. It’s a great way to relax all your shoulder muscles.

A scapular or shoulder squeeze will help open up your chest area, and also strengthen your upper back muscles. You can add a resistive band by doing rows. Make sure you add the squeeze at the end.

One of the toughest motions is internal rotation behind your back. Using a towel to stretch, will get you much more motion.

If you have a Swiss (or stability) ball, using it to roll out your arm will not only stretch out your shoulder, but it can also work the stability of your shoulder. You can also do these slides on a table or counter top.

The last stretch is a shoulder flexion stretch using the ground for assistance. Get on the ground and sit on your feet in a child’s pose position. If you can’t get on the ground or your knees hurt too much to bend them, you can slide your arm on a table or countertop. You will slide your arm forward with your thumb facing upward towards the ceiling and lean your body forward until you feel a stretch.

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7 Best Frozen Shoulder Exercises & Stretches:

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AskDoctorJo says:

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Tami Boelter says:

I am thrilled I found this!

Rajesh Parekh says:

🕉️ 🙏 Shanti

Kenny Judd says:

Do I have to discontinue doing push-ups and bicep curls. My pain usually comes from reaching

Hiteshi Patel says:

Thank you SO much for this video. My husband been having an increasing amount of pain in his shoulder, and after watching your video and doing some of the exercises, he found relief and increased mobility. He's relieved and happy – and can't wait to continue the exercises in the upcoming weeks. Many thanks DR. JO

Sneha Roy says:

Do I do these daily, 7 days a week?

Dipesh Waltz says:

This was helpful thank you..

Dr. Ranbir Singh, M.S (Ortho) says:

Very effective exercises for Frozen Shoulder Pain relief and nicely demonstrated and explained. 💥

Jerome Robbins says:

I have been suffering with frozen shoulder for many months and finally went to an Orthopedic for diagnosis. Therapy starts soon but in the meantime I found you. I really enjoy your presentation and demeanor.

liveyouryoga says:

Hello, early diagnosis of frozen shoulder. How often is this an age related thing?

Intense pain in stage 1. Can't do my hair, put on makeup, shower, put on deodorant, write, pull a shirt over my head especially long sleeve, wear a backpack. Sleeping is terrible. Psychologically qffected.

Heat works somewhat. My sister got me a really nice heating pad that I can wrap around. Arrived today.

I have weighted balls and physiobands at 🏡.

Looking forward to these along with what my doctor recommends.

Barbara Exner says:

Hi Dr. Jo and friends. My question is not about PT but about exercising the body during a frozen shoulder.

Last year+ I had frozen shoulder on left side. Now I have it on my right shoulder. I'm eager to stay in shape and – yes, work off that 20 lb. gain during isolation. While I find a lot of info on PT for frozen shoulder, I want to know what exercise regime is best during frozen shoulder. I've put in some long runs, and waist exercises. Common sense and pain tell me nothing weight bearing, however, my arms have all but atrophied. Any suggestions?

Ps: I’m in phase 1 of R-Shoulder and under doctor care. He is advising no PT at this time.

rekha joshi says:

Nice video ,thanks

Lunar Goddess Tarot says:

These are great! I’m not able to do prayer pose at all yet. Any suggestions?

Ovi Timor says:

Thank you, it’s fixed withon 2 days following your exercises plus got a deep massage, really works 👍😊

Nilanka De Silva says:

Hi I’m having pain in my back shoulder left side and it’s a continuous pain and it’s run over my arm as wel. Is that frozen shoulder or some thing else

Raheem,Al says:

Hi Dr . Please tell me what the deffirence bettewn the tine and golf elbow ?and thank u

Warren says:

Hi Dr. Jo! – What length band are you using? I'm 5'9" ish, so just wondering what length rubber band I need? Love your videos and I am subscribed.


Can you please list all the equipment you are using while demonstrating the exercise to cure frozen shoulder which i can use at home as I dont do gyms as they are all money sucking enterprise

Sarah Sinden says:

Holy moly, just watch got to this video having going through everything else shoulder related and I'm soooo pleased. I suffer from intense health anxiety and the shoulder pain I've been having has been truly freaking me out. I'm off for an x-ray on Friday which will hopefully (in a wierd way I know but I've been in a bad way for a while) to confirm. I would absolutely love and appreciate any tips for sleeping. I'm a side sleeper and my right shoulder is bad but when I sleep on the left the shoulder aches even more.

christinerobyn says:

Thank you for these exercises, I broke my proximal humerus 12 weeks ago and have been doing some of these exercises from the time I could tolerate them but it seems that I may have ended up with a frozen shoulder after all. I see my physio therapist next week but am wondering if the exercises with the weight would be ok, the break has healed quite well. Again thank you!

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