Simple Seated Core Strengthening Workout For Seniors | More Life Health

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Simple Seated Core Strengthening Workout For Seniors | More Life Health

Join me (Mike – Physiotherapist) in this simple 10-minute seated workout that will strengthen your core.

Make sure you do the warm-up before beginning.
Standing Warm-Up:
Seated Warm-Up:

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Do your best and any questions ask below!

– Mike

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Virginia Hernandez says:

72 done βœ… 😊

Margarita Aguirre says:

Thank you Mike. I do this one everyday

Virginia Hernandez says:

72 donde!!!!!

Linda Temple says:

So glad I found you
My day goes so much better
Thank you

Alison Hiscock says:

I found your channel today and really enjoyed this routine. I found it challenging without being exhausting.

Sherry Nester says:

I am 71 with lower back issues and I need to do core exercises. I do have a new hip, knee and shoulders. The one thing I am having trouble with is bicycling. I am using a folding chair and it’s is difficult to do the heel and toe tap. Do I need a higher chair? Is your chair normal size? Thank you for all your senior videos.

D Stedman says:

Excellent! I'm so happy I found this video. I've alway had a puffy belly. But no any more. This is my go to video every day. Thank you Mike πŸ’žπŸ˜˜

Virginia Hernandez says:

Good morning this is Virginia I am 72 done!!!

Sikha Maity says:

Thank u so much

Winnie Langille says:

Your exercises are wonderful. I am 73 with COPD & I can easily do them & I was taught to do the breathing exactly as you are teaching. Thank you Mike.

Virginia Hernandez says:

Done Gracias 72 yrsπŸ˜‚


Thank you very much.

Val Woods says:

Thank you for this exercise. I do one of your 30m videos and then one of the shorter targeted ones.
I believe they have helped my numerous health issues.

Pam Mitchell says:

Thank you Mike! Just found this one – what an excellent video for the core!

Patti Champagne says:

I am a 63 yr old cancer survivor and I love your yoga and THE modifications help. I am proud to say I no longer have to modify the moves!!!! loves this Thank you!

Maria Elena Xirau says:

Great core excessive!!!!

Minda Biboso says:

Thank you mike!it makes me feel good doing this exercise,GOD bless youπŸ™

Renate SCHNEIDER says:

Thanks..this was so great for us and your other workouts ….

Annamary Wilson says:

I am 86 yrs old, and finding myself stronger every day with your exercises. Thank you so much!!

Maria Elena Xirau says:

One of my favorite

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