FIX Achilles Tendonitis In 8 Simple Moves | Best Exercises For Achilles Tendon Pain

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The best home exercises, tips, and techniques to eliminate Achilles tendon pain and stop Achilles tendonitis FAST. Presented by a doctor of physical therapy to help you get the results you’re after.

These are the best exercises to help you with your Achilles tendonitis. We will go over some massage techniques to stimulate healing, stretching techniques to increase range of motion and decrease pain, and the right progression of strength exercises to help increase your activity tolerance. My goal is to get you back to pain-free as soon as possible – let’s do it!







Before we jump right in to these stretches and exercises, it’s important that we make one distinction very clear: there’s a big difference between treating an acute case of tendonitis and a chronic Achilles tendon pain problem.

IF YOU’VE HAD PAIN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS: chances are there’s still a lot of inflammation in the area of your tendon. If your pain is less than two weeks old, my recommendation would be primarily an anti-inflammatory approach. Rest, ice, gentle massage, and gentle stretching will yield the best results for your problem.

IF YOU’VE HAD PAIN FOR MORE THAN TWO WEEKS: At this point your pain is becoming slightly more chronic. The pain you are experiencing is no longer primarily inflammatory… at this point there is scar tissue that’s accumulating that needs to be addressed. This problem (termed an Achilles tendinosis) responds better to aggressive massage, stretching, and eccentric exercises (as demonstrated in the video above).


I always recommend people start with some massage to the area of the injury. If the injury is acute (less than 2 weeks) you may need to be a little more gentle. If the problem has lasted longer than two weeks, you may have to be more aggressive. I tell patients to be as aggressive as their pain threshold will allow.

1. CROSS FRICTION MASSAGE: forward and back as well as up and down along the length of the injury.

2. FOAM ROLLER: great way to release fascia/knots up into the calf muscles.

After massaging, it’s important to introduce some gentle stretching into the Achilles area. Not many people realize that your “calf muscle” is, in fact, two muscles. Both are stretched slightly differently but it’s crucial that we spend a little time stretching both of them out.

3. STANDING GASTROCNEMIUS STRETCH: performed in standing with the knee straight.

4. STANDING SOLEUS STRETCH: performed in standing with the knee bent.

After stretching, it’s important to introduce some active motion into the ankle joint to promote as much blood flow as possible into the injured area and provide some slight tensile force through the Achilles. Our goal is to heal it and get it used to moving normally again.

The following progression of exercises is presented in order from least difficult (and least effective) to most difficult (and most effective). You should start with the first and work your way through the progression as tolerated.

5. ANKLE PUMPS: non-weight-bearing active motion through as much range of motion as you have available.

6. STANDING HEEL RAISES: stand up and raise/lower your heels as high as possible and then back down to the ground.

7. HEEL RAISES ON STAIR: with the balls of your feet on the edge of a stair you can raise/lower your heels through a greater range of motion. Try to let your heels fall below the level of your toes.

8. ECCENTRIC HEEL RAISES: has been proven to promote the best healing in tendons due to their high tensile forces. For a right calf Achilles tendon pain, you would stand on the edge of a stair and raise up onto both toes. Lift your left foot and slowly lower the heel raise with just your right leg.

There you have them! Those are the best tips, techniques, and exercises to help you to eliminate your Achilles tendon pain fast!

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Sherrill Chylla says:

Thank you. I'm a 64 yr old female and was laying a flagstone sidewalk back in April…one of the 24×36 slabs fell over hitting my achilles. I've had the discomfort you described – pain in the AM – ok after a couple hours moving around. I did the routine for the first time this morning and the tendon area feels seriously really good right away! Very helpful video – Did see my doctor recently who suggested PT – I will continue till my follow up. Thank you again!

Tim Hawkins says:

Awesome video! I've been dealing with Achilles tendon soreness for months now. I started these exercises yesterday, and I noticed tremendous improvements within a day. I definitely plan to incorporate these exercises into my daily routine. Thanks for sharing, Doc! 🙂

Jay T. says:

Thank you so much!

Mary Boulet says:

This was the perfect video for me. I’ve had Achilles Tendinitis for 10 months, went to 2 different doctors & 2 different PT & none of them gave me any guidance on gradual stretches & strengthening for at home care. I’m still in disbelief of the way it was handled. I get all my rehab instructions from YouTube. Sad but true. The bright side is I’m not paying a co-pay! Thank you for this well presented rehab information routine. I’m looking forward to returning to my hiking, walking & exercise classes again! It’s been too long!

Divya Gavandi says:

I have pain in my ankle for right there but nothing has been working ..
it's been a year now.. can you suggest something?

DOUNUT TV 🍩 says:

Are the excercises done on only the bad side?

propertywithjames says:

Great video bro 👍

Joudy Zaki says:

I would recommend rolling a frozen bottle it actually helps alot

Niki Giada says:

MY GOD, i think that in this video you killed something like 10years of Evidence Based Medicine in Physical Therapy… Ice?NANS?Stretching and Roll Massage? Waste of time and GOOD LUCK! I think you killed several physioterapist :°D

TheCheapShot says:

I am researching now with this being my first video I have gotten Achilles heel on my left side and that tendon is so tight and sore I can't bear to touch the area with my fingers let alone let it rub against the back of a boot. I took today off of work because we're pulling wire building a solar field as electricians and I was pulling these heavy cables with a group of guys down 200 yard trenches for several hours it felt like it was going to rip I started walking with my foot at a 90 degree angle so I can avoid utilizing the tendon. I have to go back to work tomorrow I'm literally scared that I may end my career and I just got back to work last week

Glassy says:

now this is a good video, what a legend

Vincent S says:

Hello doc, do you think doing some sled training will reinforce the achille tendon ? thanks you !

Brandon B says:

Excellent video. Thank you.

Colby Daniels says:

My discomfort started out higher/low calf on inside of right leg and then after a couple weeks I had some discomfort lower in achilles. Even had some swelling on inside of lower calf. What does this mean and is treatment different? That area is tender to the touch but no longer swollen, but still uncomfortable when weight bearing after rest or sleep

u bunch of warWhores says:

I have a bad right leg. Motorcycle accident..I've been favoring my left and using it more for the last 8 years in the last 8 months or so this left Achilles tendon is just killing me and swelled up like a knot. Seems like the more stretching I do the worse it gets. Sometimes I hit it I go down to my knees

Gary De says:

I need to help . Last year when I tore my Achilles it was your video this video that saved me and I did everything you said and I am in total health now and back to walking and everything is wonderful. The reason I’m asking for your help now is that my brother who is 62 was playing Half court basketball and it seems he injured or torn something to do with his calf muscle he’s going for an MRI tomorrow. His injury doesn’t seem anything like an Achilles tear for example he says he’s able to walk but he couldn’t lift himself up on the ball of his foot and he’s currently wearing a boot. So with all that said I would really like your opinion or turn me onto a video of yours that pertains to something to do with a calf injury or tear and I will gladly forward that to my brother thanks in advance thanks for all your Health

VOLVO says:

I sprained my ankle and torn a ligament in my ankle about 2 and a half months ago and my heel still hurts. I play soccer still can't kick the ball with the foot properly. Any tips?

Biggest toe Snatcher says:

I get worried if I start training I’ll tear my heel tendons

juliehilton62 says:

I am going to try these. Had pain for a few months now. It goes away then comes back if I walk for too long which is frustrating. Guess that's part of the healing process, as you say it is not a quick fix.

Rose Smail says:

My problem is my knees need replacement, and I can't streighten my legs out, I've had this since Oct 2021, after I had to do I've antibiotics everyday, I've had breast cancer and many health problems, I have a hard time getting around and when I had to be at the iv antibiotic, I had to be their at 6:00am didn't leave till 10:00 I did this for 3mths, the chemo attacked my mucsles , and I have a bad back neck, lipodemia, nuropathy, and this tendonitis is hurting bad , my Dr very careless, I won't go back to him. Is their any hope for me, I can't stop limping and the Dr told me to stop limping, but it's so painful 😖 Help in FL.

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