Achilles Tendonitis Mobility Exercises

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Join Airrosti’s Dr. Crisp as he demonstrates exercises and stretches to help eliminate pain related to Achilles tendonitis and Achilles tendinosis. Using a resistance band, a foam roller and body weight, you can strengthen the tendon and eliminate pain and tightness.
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Modan Paleng says:

Sir I am a patient of this back heel pain .Thanks for the video.

Skyla Henry says:

Doctors blamed my ankle pain on weight gained after the pain started ๐Ÿ™„ the only thing that helped was mobility training

andrew worrall says:

how often should we do these exercises?

Maska Lagao says:

thank you for this excellent video. It was very helpful. Very clearly explained and excellent demonstration

Rex Brown says:

Great clip will be using!

sherwin formentera says:

Hi Doc, I'm a triathlete and currently suffering from Achilles tendonitis. So much pain when I'm running. I feel that's it's always coming back after a long rest in my running workout. Your response is so much appreciated.

treehuggermc1 says:

Don't go down past parallel if you have insertional achilles tendinosis!

Brian O'Connor says:

Great video, thanks for sharing!

A Newberry says:

Thank you for the video! Very helpfull!

Julie Whitley says:

I loved the Bloopers! Best part of this video!

kopi bin says:

Airrosti Center thank you for this wonderful and easy to do exercise, it has improved my Achilles recovery. Also… luv the bloopers!!

True Ruth says:

The information you presented was really good, the thera band exercise didnt hurt much, the step one hurt like he** :-(, im doing ultra sound with a physio at the hospital once a week, because of covid19 they closed the physio section, so im gonna keep trying this

Ty Houston says:

Iโ€™m frustrated! This pain will not go away! Help!

Ryan Abell says:

Yup, just made a video on how I got over a crazy Achilles injury:) definitely would recommend this video (and mine๐Ÿ˜)

Barney Lassen says:

This is sound advice

Doktor Paradox says:

Not easier to do eccetric drops?

Sushant Mane says:

This we have to do it for how many days?

Potty Purple Podiatrist - Warrington says:

love the out takes!

marcus bondi says:

Great clip! Thanks !

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