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Hi SilverSneakers friends! Do you like to dance? Well dancing can be great fun, but it also provides other benefits for your body and mind, including improved posture, balance, increased cardiovascular endurance, and reduces joint pain. Dancing is a brain booster improving cognitive skills and reaction times. Today we’ve got a fun 20-minute dance workout and we think you’re going like it!

*We did have to re-upload this video as we made a mistake on our previous upload. 🙂

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ticintac says:

Best workout ever!

Martha Castillo says:

Too much talking ?! Better music ?? Need more hand ques if ya ask me! However, I thumbed up the video either way 😊

cian flaherty says:

Don't Say it

cian flaherty says:

This is Silly

cian flaherty says:

This Girl is Going Too Far

Alexander Kotau says:

I have found the way how seniors can dance un a funny way. I made a foot-operated game controller and arcade games for it. Now it is possible to play and dance even if you are 100 y.o. and can not stand 🙂 https://youtu.be/21oE_2CN3GA

Nancy Nahni Goh says:

I like dancing , after I finish cycling using stationary bike , I get down and dance soft move then I take my breakfast

Janice Taylor says:

Ohhhh Motown definitely !!!

露露蓋 says:

Thank you! I really enjoy it

Jrow Love says:

Love you but the music was awful! Not very energetic. I am 75 and that would bore me to death.

Fran Rushie says:

I’m 73.. and I agree the music is too slow for me… I need to find a dance video where I feel I’m getting a workout…

Pinkan Maria 🦋 says:

I'm an instructor myself, love your Energies and wanna be just like you on my senior age 😌😍🙌🔥

Iluminada Minto says:

Thanks for sharing this video. I love it

Loves Flowers says:

This sounds like elevator music 🎶

Irene Sirk klupp says:

I’m hoping that this will take the place of walking three times a day

Caroline Gibson says:

First time here 66 20 minutes is good for me. Not pushing myself with 2 bad knees…vegan covid threw me off not going into the gym 3 times a week. Every pound hits the knees. Cutting out meat has help me…trying to get out there in the yard and beautiful weather helps.
I do not care who stops to watch as long as they do not interrupt…lol

susan kalnas says:

If music is 4 and 8 beat counts, this salsa makes no sense because it's only 3 counts. Were you trying to do a Merengue? When you did the box/square step , there was never a left lead. I'm sorry, I look for you to give me new ideas, but if you can't keep the beat for the moves on alternating legs, I'm very disappointed. Plus this was a very slow BPM which i totally understand with the population. I also found there wasn't a consistency with R and L lead. I did get a combination so thank you for that:)

Barbara Budelmann says:

Great workout!

Angelita Villacorte says:

I really enjoy dancing w you Sharlene and I love your music too.💕

Josie Reality Vlogs says:

I like it Thanks for Sharing this exercise Keep safe new freind God BleS

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