10 SIMPLE Tips for Increasing Your Metabolism After 40

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Learn how you can start increasing your metabolism after 40!
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Learning how to increase metabolism after 40 is not as difficult as you may think. In today’s video, we’ll teach you how to increase your metabolism using some research-backed metabolic rate boosting techniques. There are a few simple things you can do to help you achieve this such as eating certain metabolism-boosting foods, engaging in certain workouts and exercises, or optimizing your sleep habits.

Increasing your metabolic rate after 40 means a natural increase in the calories burned by your body. Exercise is an obvious way to achieve this as an increase in muscle mass will make your body more metabolically active. In addition to your metabolism, all of the things we suggest in this video will help boost your overall health and your quality of life. Your metabolism doesn’t need to be in decline, you don’t need to lose muscle, and you can still enjoy eating!

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Quick Timestamps:
(0:00​) Intro
(0:39) #1 – Eat More Protein
(2:08) #2 – Drink More Water
(3:35) #3 – High Intensity Workouts
(5:19) #4 – Start Lifting Heavy Things
(6:23) #5 – Get Great Sleep
(7:38) #6 – Drink Green Tea
(8:15) #7 – Drink Coffee
(9:32) #8 – Add MCTs to Your Diet
(11:30) #9 – Fidget More
(12:30) #10 – Use Cold!
(14:10) BONUS – Walk After Meals

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βœ”οΈ The Pyramix 10 MRT Workout: https://youtu.be/m9p2gTA4nBY

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**Disclaimer: This video is for informational and educational purposes only. This is the internet. This is not your doctor’s office. This video is NOT medical advice. If you have any concerns about your health, you should see your Doctor immediately. Consult your doctor before making any health changes. Although we show results from our program members, please keep in mind that results vary by individual. We cannot and do not guarantee you will get the same results by choosing to follow any of our programs, supplements, or strategies.


Day By Day with Micah says:

You had me at "drink coffee" πŸ˜…

Ranchito Chalco says:

thank you!!!!

Ruth Tice says:

I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing everything… I have been away for a while…but I'm back! πŸ’•

Tas J says:

At 41 I lost 60 pounds in 5 months. Physician Supervised diet-exercise daily x 4days a week and 3 pre packed food and 2 shakes. At 51 I can’t get the mindset to do it again.

Dina Johnson says:

I am not allowed to do HIIT because I have type 1 long QT 😒
What is something else that I can do to help? Menopause, several autoimmune diseases and the heart condition

Thanks a million!!

Parminder Lehal says:

But why every doctor advise hot water in the morning then?

Dottie Low says:

Great info! Thanks.

Scott Reed says:

Click bait, where is lady on the thumbnail, I feel cheated πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ

may powis says:

Hi im trying to loose belly fat and grow my skinny legs, i stopped interval training because i didn't want to loose more weight on my skinny
What can i do..

Rara36 says:

Protein can come from plants….

Chelcea Surgenor says:

Just found you and subscribed! Thank you for this video! πŸ₯°

juliebeebe34 says:

Hi…I just found this Video, and Boy, am I thrilled that I did! I sure hope to learn a lot more from the FMFF Program, as I sure could use the help, as well as pass info along to hundreds of my friends that also need your help πŸ˜€
I have Lipedema, but refuse to let that diagnosis run my life! I've worked my tail off to stay thinner and help my "Lippy Ladies" friends do the same. Lately, I've been struggling with my metabolism; this is disastrous for Lipedema! One week of being sedimentary, and poof… an instant 15-20 lb weight gain, regardless of my diet! Help??

Bek W says:

Definitely πŸ’― true it worked for me

Tereza Aure says:

β€œInformation without action does jack ___ for your health.” That about sums it up!πŸ’ͺ🏽

valerie denise says:

Where is the free fit mom start up?

Ioanna Markou says:

Cold water??? I have heard warm water so confused right now

Bianca Espindola says:

Yeah that's true i drink cold water every morning before eating breakfast it makes me go to the bathroom. And i also shower with more cold than hot water i feel a difference on my skin

Lorraine Logan says:

I’ve been successful incorporating all of that except coffee. I just hate the flavor of it.

Anyway, I drink 24-48 oz water before I eat anything – that was my first simple lifestyle change about 2 years ago now. I am faithful about doing it daily too. MCT is a more recent add for me but it’s been super helpful as well. I do intermittently fast, on a 16/8 schedule. That’s now, when I first knew I had to make some lifestyle Changes (as in drinking more water and it is cold water most of the day), I started with simply not eating after 7PM. It was a simple, easy way to start. I use fasting 16/8 now to help my body become metabolically flexible. These days, I try to stop eating at 6PM too….I don’t always make it because, well, life but I don’t beat myself up for it either.

I’ve lost 70-75 pounds, mostly over the first year or 15 months of implementing those simple changes.

I’m now looking to gain muscle and get rid of some fat (or body recomp) for a leaner look. I’ll be 53 in a few weeks. My goal was to feel the best I could on that birthday and be able to be active and do the things I love to do. 😁

I’ve really enjoyed finding so much helpful info on YouTube and just subscribed to your channel. Now if you can help me get over my dislike of coffee, that would be something of a miracle.

hilda wambui says:

Very helpful πŸ‘, thank you.

Sofia Gutierrez says:

Wow!!!! New subscriber what amazing information can’t wait to see more of your content!!

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