10-Minute Core Workout for Seniors

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Having a strong core is pivotal for overall good health, especially for seniors. This 10-minute workout will strengthen your core, ease low back pain, aid in balance & improve posture. So, grab your yoga mat or beach towel and follow along with Coach Kim as she guides you through this quick 10-minute core workout.

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Cici says:

love this workout for the lower tummy💛

KK Bhatia says:

Good 🌹😊

vesna lucic says:

Thanks great work out

Rebecca DeBooy says:

Nice but what about us seniors who can’t get down on the floor?

LadyJane-Stephanie says:

Ty Kim! First Video too hun! Loved it! 😍😍💜💜💖❤️❤️💛💛💛💋💋💜💖🤍🤍💛💛

Robert Byrd says:

Thanks Coach Kim! Just the ticket for starting over.

Montana Bobcat says:

Very good exercise.

José Antonio Santos says:

Great workout. Should it be done daily or every other day? Thank you.

Suzette Becker says:

Love this definitely helps

Prakash Ghule says:

Excellent demo as well narration .It quite suits me at the age of 81.Thanks.

Kristin Harms says:

Great workout–just what I was looking for. Thank you!

Tessa Tandler says:

Thanks…very good
And I do have lower back pain but felt this helped me very much

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