Top Three Exercises For a Painful Hip (Arthritis)

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From “Famous” Physical Therapists, Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck, demonstrate three great exercises for a painful hip and arthritis.

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Que Bárbara says:

Quick question until I can get a PT appt., if my left side is my problem I should refrain from doing chair leg left or others on the opposite side?

shannon colvin says:

Hi. Very informative, love it. So both my hip have arthritis in them. My rt bad but there’s still cushion in there BUT I was told today actually that I will need a replacement. It’s bone on Bo e. So he gave me a steroid injection to see if it takes some pain away. Can you recommend anything? I’m 48 w a 6 year old. I can’t do a replacement now. I’d appreciate any help or information. Thank you in advance 🙏🏻

Vanessa Wilson says:

Thank you so much B&B I really appreciate you guys❤️

pamela walton says:

Hi from across the pond thank goodness I've found your videos waiting on a hip replacement shortly The cane I put it off far too long but so thankful I have one now xx

Don Mulder says:

All of a sudden I have had a floating burning, dull ache in my groin muscles, hip flexor area and tightness up into lower abdomen No sig of a hernia. Switches sides. been taking NSAIDs. I take doxy for a skin condition but no help there. I walk daily and ride my bike daily, lift weights every other day. Every step hurts. I've been doing the pillow with no help. I'll try these. I assume it's hip. But may be a groin strain.

Yoke Ngoh Soon says:

Thank you Bob and Brad, your video really helps my pain management. Love both of you. Thanks so much for your sharing.

Matthew Lavergne says:

Just look for Weedborn CBD.

Neatcrochet Neatcrochet says:

Hi! This is the first video I found for my hip problem and already doing the exercises. Thank you 🙏🏼

Lynn says:

I did your recommendations. I even had my hubby pull out his mother's old cane. By the time I finished, I wasn't limping anymore and stuck the cane in a corner. Saved this video. Will be using it often! Thanks!

Joice Omo says:

Is good to share my experience about a holistic doctor Dr Oyalo I met on YouTube channel who use his roojt and herbs to cure my arthritis and after taking his herbs for 4weeks as instructed by him I was cured completely. Thank you Dr Oyalo for saving my life. I’m grateful 🙏🙏 reach out to him on YouTube channel for your help and cure

Karson Marie says:

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P H says:

Hilarious…love this video
Need this right now!

Wosilat Romoke says:

The osteoarthritis of the hips pains can prevent someone from living a quality life, if there's no solution to pains .

Lahse72 says:

Thank you..going to suggest these exercises to my dad 👍🏽

irish66 says:

Hello. I have osteoarthritis in hips etc. One other place I have is in my right shoulder. I have been getting physio on the shoulder, in the hopes of getting me back to playing tennis. One exercise I was asked to do was half kneeling shoulder flexon with a stretch band . Is it okay to do if you have hip problems?

Yaacov says:

Seems like video is from 1990 🙂

david cook says:

Hi guys!….enjoy your vids but today's audio was somewhat "echoed"……thanks guys!

David Cochrane says:

I recently received a cortisone shot in my wight hip and it has gotten a little better. Any suggestions for exercises ?

christene wileman says:

Thank you so much , I am going to try some of these exercises. I am currently taking celebrex, for hip pain, and work 50 hours a week. My biggest mobility problem is i cannot put my sock on without a struggle and tie my right shoe. Any suggestions , my dr has said i should have hip replacement but iam only 56 , and dont want to yet.

Edge Transit says:

4:00 brads face lmfao

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