Top 2 Exercises for Sciatica and Pinched Nerve (Sciatic Nerve Pain)

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Famous Physical Therapist’s Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present the two exercises everyone with sciatic nerve pain should try. The exercises are two commonly used exercises in physical therapy for sciatica and pinched nerve problems.

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Christina Zouras says:

I keep coming back to your videos, they’re so helpful! Whether it’s back pain, knee pain, hips, etc. seems like I have a lot of problems 😂

Javier Cespedes says:

These two exercises decreased my sciatic pain right away

Awkward Turtle says:

Thank you, my sciatica gets pinched more often than I would like and today it was BAD. These stretches immediately made me able to bear weight again without being in massive discomfort. Thank you

Cheryl Moore says:

I was having pain & tingling down the back of my leg – it started about a week after a fall at the gym where I thought the bench extended back farther than it did. Thus only about a 2 foot tall fall onto the left side of my tailbone. From internet research it sounded more like Periformis. I started with the laying down bent knee stretch, which didn’t seem to do much. I then found these videos and for 2 days I did the 2 stretches – a. Laying on my stomach with pillow under chest, and pull one knee up as if to crawl and hold for 2 min (first day I did this only on my L side where the pain was, but the 2nd day I did it on both sides). b. Laying on my stomach, I did the recommended mini-pumps – mini push of only the upper chest area. After the second day of adding these stretches, I was in excruciating pain! Went to urgent care where they prescribed a muscle relaxant and a steroid. Pain went down some. The next day I saw my primary care doctor who did several leg resistance stretches. The severe arthritis in my knees affected my ability do respond…. And the pain while doing it made me think that in a few hours the pain would be much worse. It was – excruciating pain in entire leg from buttocks down thru totally numb hamstring down thru a lot of pain in the calf, down thru severe pain in ankle and L foot, with numbness in the foot. The Dr said I have sciatica. I’m pretty sure that doing your 2 exercises lying on my stomach brought this on because of the type and amount of pain I had after just 2 days of doing those exercises. An X-ray showed no bone break from the fall, and the crappy insurance won’t authorize an MRI until I have gone thru 2 weeks of physical therapy.

imdafuzzy says:

Oh my goodness this first one did wonders! Thank you!

Julian & Julia says:

Thank you so much for sharing what you both went to school for and helping others!

The health key Zhao says:

Tre says:

It making my toes go numb

Cindy says:

Do my legs have to be dangling?

DenDen C says:

I don't understand because my back is very flexible, I can go all the way back.

DenDen C says:

This makes my tingling in legs and feet worse….

Mustapha Abubakar says:

I started taking the medication I bought from Dr igho channel on YouTube and surprisingly it was working gradually and in 9days every pain stopped. My heart been filled with joy since you helped me Eradicate Sciatica Completely and I pray God strengthens you Dr igho!

Mercedes Bentley says:

my big toes have been numb for three weeks and i did this three times and it’s only the next day and they’re not numb anymore!

RayaRay c: says:

I've had pt for a pinched nerve before and its starting to act up again. Can't wait to try these.

Maria Zozaya says:

Thank you 😭😭😭😭

prof.mihir Shome says:

I have slip disk L4 L5 and S1 and radiating pain from buttock to leg feet for the last 9 months and four months was bed ridden. After doing this exercise my pain is increasing from buttock to leg and can't walk . Please suggest

crewl fckr says:

If i may, you fine gentlemen may be served to teach and or remind everyone how to safely move into and out of these stretches safely for the benefit of those who are completely new to this type of thing and may at first be too aggressive just in entering into and out of these stretches. Some, may put unwanted pressure, by moving into and out of, in an unsafe manner. Thank you

David Bortz says:

Wow. Could tell a difference right away.

Humble Servant to Allah says:

Keep up the Good work guys

Lorenza Pando says:

I have this pain for 3years and I'm so happy to see this trying them for the first time.n it really does work for me I'm do happy for the first time in 3years.

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