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Sciatic Nerve Pain Stretches & Exercises: Doctor Jo shows you some simple stretches if you are having sciatic nerve pain. The best stretches to help get rid of sciatic nerve pain are piriformis stretches. There are several different stretches you can do. Pick the one that works best for you! For more physical therapy videos or to Ask Doctor Jo a question, visit

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More Details About This Video:
Sciatic pain usually occurs in the buttocks area, and it can often be caused from a tight muscle in the buttocks area called the piriformis muscle. People often describe the pain as achy, shooting, heavy, and just a pain in the butt…literally. This video will show you some simple stretches to keep the pressure off that sciatic nerve!

The first stretch for your piriformis will be on your back. Cross the leg over that is hurting into a figure 4 position. Grab the knee on the same side of the pain with your opposite hand, and pull it up and across your body to the opposite shoulder. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds and perform 3 times. The next stretch, you will keep the figure 4, and pull the good leg up towards your chest. You can use a belt or leash to help pull the leg up if your hips are not very flexible. Finally, turn over onto all fours, or quadruped and cross the injured side in front of you. This is going to be a big stretch, so only do this if you are not feeling much of a stretch with the other exercises. Once you cross your leg over, lean down towards the floor to the opposite shoulder.

DISCLAIMER: Doctor Jo is a licensed Physical Therapist and Doctor of Physical Therapy, however, this video is only designed to help you perform the correct technique of exercises that have ALREADY been given to you by your health professional. They are NOT to take the place of going to your own doctor or therapist. There are many manual techniques that a therapist can do that simply can not be done on your own. Your own therapist will also ensure that you are doing correct techniques with your exercises and stretching. If these techniques aren’t done right, they won’t help, and they could make things worse. So, if you experience any pain while doing these techniques, STOP immediately and see your doctor.


AskDoctorJo says:

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Tim Klassen says:

Thank you Doctor .

Roddy Riddle says:

subscribed! I'm 82 and having Sciatica pain. I watched this video and believe I have some relief and I thank you Dr. Jo! 🙏🙏

Aliya Saleem says:

Really thanks…

Rhonda Thompson says:

Good photo thank you

MMLT says:

Thank you for this video. The stretch that really healed me was the last one in this video. I had been doing the first two (learned them from someone) but it wasn't doing much. When I did that last one in the video, it sure hurt the first few times but I kept doing it and I felt better after a very short time. I repeated that stretch over a few days and before I knew it – pain all gone!

Martina Ruvimbo says:

How about if you have hip issues and also scatia syndrome so is this safe?

Arsenpi says:

I am grateful for this video and it has been a big help. I’m an amateur kickboxer and I’ve been having this nerve pain for a week and a half and I’ve been so desperate to be relieved of it as soon as possible.

Gerry Fox says:

Thanks Dr Jo. These stretchs done the trick perfectly. Lovely and clear instruction.

Tom Caldwell says:

Thanks you, doctor jo

Wendy Periard says:

Thanks for this!!!

Dolores Galvan says:

this stretch is a miracle!!! i have the worst pain at night where i cannot move anymore. i force my body to be able to do this and as soon as i’m done the pain is relieved 😭 thank you so much!!!!!!

Pramod gamit Pramod says:

Thank you dr. Jo. Very nice exercise.

j jock says:

I found your suggested exercises intriguing, and intend to start using them tonight.
I am an active 79, and have experienced multiple injuries to the lower back, and the two exercises I have been using to get relief. The first thing I do to get relief, is hold onto a heating pipe in my basement, that would be the equivalent of a chinup bar, and gradually take the pressure off the back, by gently spreading my legs so that the spine is allowed to gently stretch. (30 seconds – 5 reps). The next exercise I have found helpful, is to do a stomach pull in exercise, to strengthen the core. I also do this before lifting anything. I have also found that using a TENS machine, with one pad on the spine (around L3), and the other on the left side. This provides the necessary immediate pain relief, and quickly reduce the pain enough to start the healing process.
Thanks for the video.

Mr. Elastomeric1 says:

How long should you do these; before you get a shot? From one Joe to another Jo.

David Herron says:

Love that 🤩 out fit and hair very fun. Kinda safari look.

Gray matter says:

Doctor Jo 🌷😘

Martha Ahrens says:

Had some sciatic pain just before a dream trip with my daughter to Europe, and after trying Dr Jo's stretches, I feel SO much better! I am confident our trip will be all I am dreaming will be! Thanks so much Dr. Jo!

Shrek SFM says:

Nice video doctor joe

Benjamin Davis says:

Thanks so much, so simple, and so effective.

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