3 of the Best Exercises for Relief of Sciatic Nerve Pain (With FREE Exercise Sheet!)

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The exercises in this video will help with the relief of sciatic nerve pain.

Sciatic nerve pain is often caused by the sciatic nerve being pinched in the lower back.

In this video, we will be showing an exercise which is called “Neural Flossing” and it helps to free up the sciatic nerve.

Our second and third exercises actually stretch the sciatic nerve, again helping to relieve the pain.

When performing these exercises, it is normal to feel some discomfort in the leg. However, you should not feel pain in your back. If you do feel a pain in your back, you are best to perform the exercises in this video before returning to the exercises demonstrated here. https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=j1miNMzSLpA


00:00 Introduction
00:32 Neural Flossing
01:20 Stretch for the Sciatic Nerve 1
01:55 Stretch for the Sciatic Nerve 2

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Hlo Sry says:

Sir do the other two 10 times as well? Or how many times should it be done?

sheangelc says:

Omg I have this right now and I've had it for 3 weeks it's not getting any better and I am crying

2018かみこうち says:

Thank you very much Jasper; may i know if my pain and numbness to my left leg increased when doing the exercise 3, is it normal ?

David Harrison says:

The Arms trick Gave me so much relief ☺️

Sivakami Jayachandran says:

Sir your excercise help me relief pain


My father aged 75, has pain almost the same the people are commenting here. Thanks first of all hellping me to understand my father's pain is sciatic pain.

1. He has pain during lifting head upward.
2. He has pain in morning left legs alone toomuch.
3. He has pain only in left leg.not in lower back side.
4. The pain releives little if walking after wake up from bed.
5. He can not bow front. Its hurting.

People who are getting benefit from this exercise ,kindly advice for me with your experience in detail.

Thanks for this video owner. Very helpful.


It gives great relief after performing the first exercise only ( I don't even try second and third). Every morning I wake up with leg pain but now it's a great relief.

Bvr Rao says:

Very simply explained…thanq sir 🙏…from India.

Linda Embree says:

Thankyou so much, I got immediate relief!

anil jain says:

plz hindi me

Carolina Lipinski says:

Thanks for the great information!

Rajeswara Rao says:

Thank you very much.👍👍🏵️🏵️💐

David Field says:

does that girl blink?

dr.madan Joshi says:

Very helpful

Chitra Chandrasekaran says:

Good video shared…..I have this problem, will try today, I am 56 years old, can you tell me is this problem related to age or sitting position?

Gracy ruban says:

Great. Very practical. I want to try and be well. God bless you

Zenaida Fallarna says:

Hello, I'm 66 yrs old, I have too much pain in my right foot, when prolong standing and walking.

Ligaya Enriquez says:

I have sever pain this excesses not helping to me .. my god 😰😰😰😰😰😰

chitra baskar says:

It's effective

Rashique Lookman k says:

Is this applicable of pregnant women

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