What is Runner’s Knee | Pain in knee when walking | Runners Knee Pain

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Runners Knee Overview:

Welcome to our Patello-Femoral Rehab video. The goal of this video is to minimize pain around the kneecap and maximize recovery. This video should not be used as a substitute for regular physical therapy visits and guidance from your physician

Visit http://www.matthewboesmd.com/patello-femoral-rehabilitation/ for more information


Yoga with Sohan says:

This practice is very safe and effective for knee pain.

Samuel Navarro says:

My balls hurt

『𝒵𝑒𝓁𝑜』 says:

@yourrage dis your fuckin fault


CAC Panchsakar Churan is a pure and classical preparation. This churna is used since ancient time for the detoxification of the body. The churna contain five ingredients as the name suggests Haritaki, Shunthi, Krishna Pippali, Trivrit, and Sauvarchala lavana. As toxins are removed from the body knee pain will automatically subsides.

riya vashishtha says:

CAC Pain-O-Kill Oil This herbal oil provides good results in body pain, swelling, stiffness, & inflammation. Massage with this oil relieves pain, stiffness, & swelling. Pain-O-Kill oil is prepared from herbal ingredients like Jyotishmati, Kustha, Devdaru, Vatsnabh, Rasna, etc. These all ingredients show anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, & analgesic properties. The antioxidant nature removes all toxins out from the body. Anti-inflammatory & analgesic properties reduce inflammation & pain in the Knee.

The 10 Comemements- Christian Memes says:

I have just started to have a sharp pain in my left knee

akmalz4b says:

I love jog and this pain is annoying. My job need me to climb up & down vertical stairs every day

Dishonest says:

if i had it for years will that be a factor

TheSmiths1986 says:

My knee used to click heavily now that’s stopped and my knee feels locked I’m walking with a limp. Almost as if I am dragging my left knee.

jeremy penner says:

By me it hurts like right under the knee cap when I start running and A bit after for like a hour then it's some what gone

Randy Woodworth says:

For me it really hurts to walk down stairs, i hang on to the rail and take it slowly.
25 years of bike riding probably didn't help either.


Sir I had this type of knee pain from when I ran 26km on job recruitment without training even for a day within 4 hours I completed in 3.45hr and had leg pain like can't even step and had to rest for week at home now when I run 12 to 10km in a day for a week 4 to 5 days my leg hurts on the 3 rd run like hell on knee back side right leg now left leg knee back side has also started to pain from today while running and can't speed up so was looking for suggestions in YouTube can you help what should I do sir

Snail says:

I couldn’t sleep cause of the stupid pain

ria rkp says:

CAC Kapha tablet is a healthy blend of herbs formulated to balance Kapha doshas without aggravating Pitta and Vata doshas. It can also be used to alleviate any temporary Kapha imbalance. It is very effective in Kapha season that is late winter and spring. It consists of warming and astringent herbs that help to balance the system throughout the cold season. The main use of Kapha tablets is to remove excess Kapha doshas from the system and helps in the management of weight, healthy lungs, and the immune system.

Recommended Dosage: Take one tablet twice daily after meals.

Patrick Wayne says:

Anything suggestion for when all the cartilage underneath the knee cap is gone?

Sean john says:

So ….. what’s the outcome how do we fix it.. gave us only bad news 😅

cesar vargas says:

is the tightness what causes sometimes sharp pains and clicking in the knee?

Sudhanshu says:

Guys, im having some issues with my knee now. Im just 19 and used to go to the gym before lockdown closed them..
The problem is.. Just below my right leg's kneecap, on the inner side, my knee has swollen and the swelling can be easily seen. This thing is causing a lot of pain and discomfort while straightening or folding the knee to its most. I dont feel any pain while movie my leg or folding it, the pain only exists when i try to straighten it to the max level or fold it to the max level.
If anyone can help, plz reply

Xenmo says:

No for me I usually get it when I run and it last weeks

Adriel says:

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