What If We Stopped Vaccinations?

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You’ve heard all the scary rumors surrounding vaccines: they cause autism, they contain toxins. Even that they can give you the disease they’re trying to prevent! But do people fully grasp what that world would look like? What kind of diseases would be welcomed back into our lives?

Transcript and sources: https://insh.world/science/what-if-we-stopped-vaccinations/

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Julie Hodes says:

This story is 🐂💩

Richo-senpai says:

medicine was the weapon and vaccine was the shield and antibody were the soldiers in the war against viruses and bacterias that come into our body as invaders. That's how our body work if it is represented as real life parable

BeastlyGamer says:

Covid be like: We would infect more if you stopped vaccines 😈

Yasin Taylor says:

Yea but aren’t they foods that exist in nature that have similar results? The Arabs have used black seed for centuries to treat various illnesses with great overall results

we disagree says:

The “rumours “about vaccines aren’t alway rumours my why my little sister was about 3 she went to get meningitis vaccination , contracted it and nearly died ! There was two points this was . Her Vains kept collapsing she could eat or drink for four days and on top of that she had to get a massive needle in her bones I was on around 4 or 5 when that happens I nearly broke 💔❤️‍🩹

Horror Gamer says:

So much info thanks

triobros 9824 says:

The Karen's won

patturn says:

This scenario is based on a honesty from the pharmaceutical/govt entities.
We already know the reporting of the adverse effects of the vaccines is like 1 to 5 percent
of the actual .

Paul Williams-Mejia says:

Luckily there one now

Dorothy Lowther says:

This's the problem with anti-vaxxers. They think that by rejecting vaccines entirely, they're able to take full control over what goes and what doesn't go into their own bodies. This's so far from the truth, it isn't even funny. They're really just trading one authoritarian for another. Instead of letting the medical establishment decide what goes into his or her body, the anti-vaxxer is allowing mother nature to make that decision. With personal physical health, people don't actually have any real freedom. On disease, mother nature has no respect for personal boundaries. It's not like she's going to listen to any form of human protesting. We don't control the natural world. The natural world controls us.

N Money says:

I don’t believe in vaccines

PiXie BeRRie says:

Vaccines don't cause autism 🤬

Pratik Somwanshi says:

And then the world knew the importance of vaccines because of Covid-19.

Robson Leite says:

One has to be very stupid to be anti-vax

Mixalis Papa says:

And more good news will happen!

Mixalis Papa says:

Without them,those problems chance will come down!

Mixalis Papa says:

Vaccines cause autism

Mixalis Papa says:

No vaccinations=no toxins!

Maruku says:

Who's watching this now in the time we're in?

Clorox Bleach says:

Vaccines are so useful that everyone has to do it or it doesn't work.

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