Should I Keep Walking if I Have Knee Pain? | Obi O. Adigweme, M.D.

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Yes, according to Obi O. Adigweme, M.D., an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in minimally invasive and computer-assisted hip and knee surgeries at Orlando Orthopaedic Center. Walking is good for the knees both before and after surgery and also for people with knee arthritis.

If you have moderate or severe arthritis, walking or putting weight on the knees can cause discomfort. However, despite the pain, Dr. Adigweme stresses that it is critical to keep walking, stay active, and get enough cardiovascular exercise.

If you do experience knee pain after walking, Dr. Adigweme recommends taking anti-inflammatory medication or getting a cortisone injection. However, he notes that pain should always be your guide. For patients who have had knee replacement surgery, walking after surgery is vital for both the health of the knee and a patient’s cardiovascular state.

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