Modern Warfare: The BEST Class Setups To Use AFTER Season 2! (NEW WEAPONS)

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Here’s the BEST Class Setups to use after Season 2 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare!
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In this video, we’re taking a look at the BEST Class Setups to use in Call of Duty Modern Warfare After Season 2! Modern Warfare Season 2 is now live and it brings with it some NEW DLC Weapons and some major changes in game as well, including some weapon tuning. So today we’re going over the best class setups for the New Striker 45, Grau 5.56, and a handful of other weapons that are really good to use in COD MW!

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WhosImmortal says:

Which DLC weapon is your favorite? Thanks for watching!

Adrian S says:

I miss this time the grau was so nice back then

JR H says:

You sound like randomfrankp

Ashton Mcguire says:

How did you get that camo

Cameron Swales says:

Why is your MP7 ironsight so thin ?

cybershot26 says:

No stock? Doesnt matter. It slows you down so get rid of it lol.

Krishna Nainani says:

Why do none of you guys use FMJ on your guns??

D B says:

Bro the 45 is good…you gotta stop jumping every 2 steps and stabbing your self with the needle. Super annoying!

Marcus Roberts says:

Played a match with this guy on my team the other day. Dude really is sick .

Lil Jay says:

GREAT CONTENT you've got yourself a NEW subscriber

Rylan Thompson says:

Do you need to get gold on the dlc weapons to get demascus?

Kaleb Yacob says:

Ram>m4 imo

Little Jads says:

What weapon skin are you usin? And is that red strap a charm or somet?

Caesar Clown says:

What gun camo is he

marios alexandrakis says:

name of weapon ?

winglessmetal says:

What are the top 5 smgs guns and top Assault rifle guns ?

C A T PC says:

Me sees imortal video

Also me: oh yeah this gonna be good

Jacy James says:

What camoflauge is used on the m13 ?

CS Hill says:

Rockin the M13 as well… I guess I should change the optic for a stock maybe. I use the mono suppressor though.

Gracefullywild Gaming says:

I really enjoy using the RAM7. I feel like it has a little more control than the MP5. It’s my go-to weapon right now.

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