Knee pain and injury prevention when returning to exercise Pt.1 – Squats | Tim Keeley | Physio REHAB

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Many of you maybe starting to head back into the gym – if not already! If you have had some time off from exercise, especially load (like weights and plyometrics) then launching straight back into gym work, running, group exercise classes and boot camps needs to be done with a bit of awareness around your mechanics.

This 4 part video series on knees will help you identify common biomechanical problems in movements that you can easily spot and help correct to prevent further injuries down the track. I will go through 4 main exercise movements inclusing Squats, Lunges, Step Ups and Box Jumps.

Usually people dont feel mechnical knee pain until a few weeks into a new routine with non-optimum knee movement. Too many weeks of exercises with a knee rolling in, and then with load can lead produce stress on the knee tissues and eventually pain and injury. This will definitely put a road block in your training – that you have so long yearned to get back into. Don’t let this happen to you!

What you are looking for is knee tracking problems. You have probably all heard this before but I am here to re-iterate how important that rolling knee is and why you should make sure it doesn’t happen. If you can’t correct you technique it maybe a hip weakness problem that you should go and see your Physio about – to get the right hip stability and external rotation strengthening exeicses on one leg to improve it.

Stay tuned for Part 2: Lunges.

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Sam Moreplay says:

Bro I am 18 having knee problems while squatting. I thought something was wrong with meπŸ˜‚thanks so much for this video

Nicholas S says:

Funniest thing here is when 0:30 she is flexing here inner thigh, internally rotating at the hip standing and waiting for him. Terrible standing posture throughout the day also shows up as a weaker adductor /inner thigh muscles because you basically standing on one leg for most the day.

George Xu says:

Thank you. This was very helpful.

Wildpeaches27 says:

My right knee has "popped out " a few times. Last time about 2 years ago. Now if i put weight on it. It crunches, i mostly have no pain.i tried 3 squats and it hurt. I need to try your technique. I'm currently terrified of squats because of my knee

Himani Gajjar says:

Great video, I learnt a lot in those 4 mins.
However, I just started gym without any great knowledge, and I was doing leg press machine with 27 kgs for a week straight, I am a student and cant afford a PT, so I watched all kinds of videos before starting.
But now only after a week, my both knees are painful when sitting/squatting, so I stopped the exercises, as it was an obvious sign that I was doing it all wrong.
Now I am trying to figure out how to do it right and get relief from the pain I already have. Please help me out, thank you 😊

Jay D says:

Thanks so much, I’m new to the gym & I found this very informative & helpful!! πŸ‘πŸ½

CaseyStarchak says:

Been squatting heavy for 13 years and never always noticed my right side was slightly weaker causing my knee to roll. Just like you said, it never caused me an issue before so never worried about it but for the last year it’s caused me pain in that knee, I’m gonna give it some rest then apply all your tips, thank you!

Antonio says:

Thank you sir last two weeks ive had knee pain after leg day and its very painful when i bend my knees i saw this tried to do a squat and i saw that i make the mistake you were talking about and when i correct my position i feel less pain when squatting so I’ll try to rest some days till my knees feel better and focus on the right form next time i do squats

Ai Zav says:

Thank god i thought i had a condition or something glad you had a answer for my problem!

wierdo bornil says:

My leg killing me of pain

Rocio says:

So basically I straighten my feet right? πŸ™‚

rainynight02 says:

If I straighten my feet, I can't squat for anything.

Allie Oceanfish says:

I’ve been working out with heavier weights for about five months, lately i started feeling stress in my knees and elbows, sometimes like a needle, sometimes just tired like they’re worn out. Is it caused by bad forms? Or maybe i haven’t been stretching and warming them up before exercises

L P says:

Best video on the subject

Melted dark chocolate says:

This what happen to me 😭😭😭😭😭


Great video

El manao productions says:

I have meniscus problems but I love the Bulgarian split squat, can I still do it with this problem?

Sheikh Bond says:

One day my knees suddenly started hurting i thought it was because of football. I went to the doctor he did an x-ray and examined my knees and told me everything is okay..After a few days my knees pain vanished.. I don't Know how it vanished i guess because it was because i reduced playing football for a month and my knees got recovered but today was my second week at gym and i did a leg workout and my knees are hurting again… please can you tell me what's the matter and what should i do

speedoflight0124 Ins says:

The voice too low πŸ”…

john feather says:

My knees hurt sir the way you are squatting. DoI have to build up my quads? Thanks

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