Top 3 Signs You Have an ACL tear (Tests You Can Do At Home)

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Famous Physical Therapist’s Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck describe the signs and tests that may indicate that you have an ACL tear (anterior cruciate ligament) tear.

0:00 Intro
0:09 Intro to Video
0:27 What ACL is
2:09 First Sign of a tear
2:59 First test you can do
3:51 Second test
4:31 Shown on person
6:47 Wrap up

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K. D says:

has a lachman test yeilded a false positive before ?

Umit Hayim says:

i have some knee pain for a while now when doing step ups and side lunges. i was wondering if i injured my ACL because i feel like its inside or behind my knee. my question is even if its not a tear would we feel anything if we do these tests to evaluate if its acl injury or not?

Oozen7 says:

Well then. Looks like I’m screwed

wah_afg says:

I think I got a torn ACL on Saturday. An x-ray couldn’t determine so have to see a specialist on Tuesday and do a MRI. It sucks that I’ll miss my entire league this year.


I have MCL gare 3 injury then which excercise I do please help pe sir

ZaneGrayson says:

So I got into motor incident and hurt my right knee. When I did sth like cutting movement (run and immediately turn) and sth its hurt so bad I can’t even walk until 5 or 10mn. Anyone got this sign?

uchiha itachi says:

i landed with a hyperextended right knee 2yrs ago and i heard a loud pop. its been 2 yrs but my knee still hurts whenever i jog or jump. im a lefthanded person so my last foot to jump while making a layup is my right knee. until this day i cant do a layup my knee hurts so much. i knew i tore my acl 2 yrs ago

Izzy Velazquez says:

I had acl surgery exactly 1 year ago and I'm afraid I might have retorn it 😪😪😪🙃

Tribal BOSS says:

6:15 sir my knee can move backward & forward like in this video, and i am okay to go for jogging, but I can't run rapidly. When i do sudden quick move with my knee while running it hurt my knee as hell! Is it possible to cure my knee without surgery?

Thankyou so much sir.💟

lI xszd Il says:

Did something to my leg while riding my brothers dirtbike, been to the doctors several times and they’ve told me several different things, it’s been 15 days so far and they put me in a boot and on crutches and I have no clue What’s wrong with it, feels like my calf mussel but they think it’s my knee so I don’t know honestly, can’t walk and can’t put pressure on it, they finally decided to put me in for a mri so I hope they can find out what’s wrong

Jun Matsumoto says:

ACL Tears heal without Surgery by Evo-Devo Exercises

ras 47 says:

My leg locked up bed last night and this was the 1st thing that came to mind

Karina Zhu says:

I watched many of your videos and trust you two. I have a partial ACL tear. Have you heard about prolotherapy to treat ACL instead of ACL resconstrucetion? Thanks 🙏.

Anu Vani says:

Thank u sir for showing clearly

Kimberly Withrow says:

I fell a month ago directly on my knee. First ten days a lot of water on my knee. Now it feels like flesh ripping above knee cap when I try to bend it and I am numb across knee cap. Thoughts?

Corina G says:

My orthopedic surgeon did this to me a month after i ruptured my acl but I didn’t know. It was so loose it was disgusting. All wiggly.

Ammy Batra says:

Buy two good mics

Temetito El goldo says:

I tore my right knee acl almost 5 years ago, then got it repaired almost 3 years ago (waited almost 2 years to get it repair cause started a new job and university). Got it repaired with salt bolts (its like metal bolts but there made of salt and dissolve with time) and it was succesfull. Started to lose weight to go into the military, but then playing volleyball a week ago, tore my left knee acl. Thinking about it, just makes me really sad and hopeless. People dont understand, is not the physical part, but the mentality of it and it can crush you. Hope to get private healthcare to get the same surgery and hope to god that in the future I can accomplish my goals of being in the military. Prayers to all of you sports people and people in general who are sideline in your own journey.

ashish_FTW_ says:

How long should it take ? I've been told I should go back to work and I've mentioned to him that I don't feel the same cause I'm still having issues .

kiran ke karname says:

I have an acl tear but it is paining.what should I do to get relife from that paining.please help me day after tomorrow my exam is there.and it is paining a lot.I am requesting all if any one see my comment please help me.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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