Single Best Balance Exercise for Seniors & Fall Prevention

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“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present: Single Best Balance Exercise for Seniors & Fall Prevention

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Tanya Henske says:

That would be hard for my mom, she has a bad knee. Shes 83.

Eliza Gal says:

Thank you. Love your simple well explained exercises. Definitely need my balance – live in a place with icy streets

ROSE BUD says:

I go to the Senior Center to a balance class & this one of the exercises our instructor teaches us, but our chairs have no arms on them. The balance class has really helped my legs!

Daw San San Htay says:

good. once i fall at 62 and got angle bone rupture during walking at home cause of spine lumber.



Gules Hoffacker says:

Sorry, too much talking…. Still not sure what the exercise is!

ron kistner says:

jeez, can you talk any faster?????????? cant understand a thing you are saying

Celso Dias says:

Exercise for body balance . As I find difficult to balance

El Toro says:

I just realized with a shock, this video is 3 years old!! Imagine how much better I will be right now if I had seen this Channel 3 yrs ago. Yucks.
Where are Bob and Brad now? Is there any video from them that is less than a year old?
Are they even still with us?

Glynnis Steed says:

Place the chair against the wall as this could be dangerous, I’m a fellow physio


I gave up early on. The guy on the right (Bob?) talks so fast I don't even know who he is. I'm outta here!

Jean Smyth says:

My sister 82 just off to hospital after fall. Will be discussing this with her when she recovers. Prevention best!

phyllis bifano says:

Possibly. I got the N Y C. Ballet workout videos. Amazing. I could not believe what it did for me. I tried other aerobic and dance programs. No comparison. It improved my ice skating, and riding skills. You do what you can to begin with. What matters most that it's done in proper form. BTW, I'm in my 70's.

Ranjana Dutta says:

English e na bole bangla bolle valo hoto

Anne McCabe says:

BYU BYU talks

Patshhi4 says:

Check out the cabinet behind Bob’s left ear at 6:09. It looks like a mouse is moving around in there! 😬

Sandy Parsons says:

Teresa weeks

James Lewis says:

quit the rambling and get with the excersize

Aileen says:

Careful! OMG, some of those new "lift-chairs" could catapult an ole lady right across the room ! 🤣

Ralph Fenortner says:

I watched this video a week ago and have been practicing it at work and at home. I'm 68, overweight and work at a desk for 8-10 hours a day. What a difference I can tell in just a week! I've watched many of your videos before and have benefitted from them. Thank you so much for posting these!

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