Simple Core Workout For Seniors (10-Minutes) | More Life Health

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Simple Core Workout For Seniors (10-Minutes) | More Life Health

Join me (Mike – Physiotherapist) for 10-minutes of easy to follow, seated core exercises for seniors. Follow this workout, and perform consistently to get that core stronger!

This workout is good for those of you who have trouble getting up/down off the floor, and just prefer to do exercises seated in a chair.

REMEMBER TO WARM-UP prior to doing this exercise:
For the warm-up video:
Seated Warm-Up:

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Do your best and any questions ask below!

– Mike

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More Life Health Seniors says:

How did you go with today's core exercises? Is this an area you need to work on?? I'll see you soon for more exercise videos. Stay moving!

Kimagango Brit says:

I am type 2 Dbic, and have lost a lot of weight, my arms and legs are very saggy can you recommend the best exercise to improve, I am 75

Sharmila Saha says:

Very nice exercise Thank you

Deborah Rabine says:

I did fairly well but need to work on lifting my knees higher.

Nicholas Sherwood says:

Brilliant! I am no sportsman, neither am I chair-bound. I marvel at the effectiveness of these seated exercises. Thank you.

MAD says:

I have sciatica and upper and lower spine issues. Are these core exercises suitable?

Bunny Phillips says:

I can't lift both lets up at once. Is it effective to do one leg at a time on leg lifts? Thank you.

Pat Danalds says:

After doing these for 4 months now about 4-5 times a week now, shouldn’t these get easier ?

Jessica Galvin says:


Pat Danalds says:

How much does it cost to subscribe?

Nicholas Sherwood says:

I am a habitual chair sloucher… . Goodness, these exercises do the trick! At last I feel I do have a core. This may lengthen my life! Thanks. Nick

Pat Danalds says:

I have been losing weight, which I wanted but my jelly belly doesn’t seem to be going down much and I’ve been doing these for 2 months now.

margaret huggon says:

thank you Mike for this and all your videos. I feel the benefit

Gail L Mani says:

This video is included in Standing exercises. Do we change anything to do them standing?

Jessie Cross says:

This is the best core workout and at last I am seeing and feeling the difference.

Alison Stockford says:

Thanks Mike! Great workout!

PA says:

is it good to use a sweat ban or vest when you are working out

Margaret Pokorney says:

Nice workout!

Jan Mellor says:

Interesting workout, and judging by my performance its one that I really need to work on, thanks Mike 🙂 Jan

Valerie Rudolph says:

You advertise standing exercises and then do them all seated. Very disappointed

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