Gentle Chair Yoga Routine – 30 min

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This is a 30 minute chair yoga sequence released by therapists in the Toronto Rehab Brain and Spinal Cord LEAP Service. The gentle chair exercises are designed with 3 variations that will help you work within your therapeutic window. Square breathing and alternate nostril breathing exercises are also included. Please leave your comments below. We love creating content that helps people live an active life with less pain!

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angie holness says:

Thank you for taking the time to make this video. I have just started doing a chair yoga class near me once a week and it is nice that I can now also enjoy practicing at home with your guidance Namasté

Annie Hudson Mcknight says:

Thanks Bonnie, Cara, and Erin for this wonderful video. I'm now interchanging your video with 2 others from Leap service. I've been doing You Tube Chair Yoga videos for 19 months 5 days a week along with my light weight and resistance band strength training routines. I love your video due to it's gentle stretching of my total body and great pain and stiffness relief. This also helps prepare me to play tennis doubles twice a week. So great for me as a 74 year old.

tageule Feinberg says:

thank you for the routine. it's so enjoyable and I love hearing the birds in the background.

HILDA vandermeulen says:

Thank you nicely done

Susan Odiseos says:

Thanks so much for this wonderful source of renewal.

Florence Rios says:

Great program!!! Thank you! This is perfect for elderly persons that don't have transportation.

Rosaura Carvajal says:

Hola, meencanta estarutina. Gracias

Suzanne Mary Margaret says:

I love these videos! I just found more from Cara at Chair Yoga | 20 min | Gratitude for the body |Cara Kircher – YouTube

Leela Turek says:

I have been following you for several years. Doing your various videos is part of my daily exercise routine. Thank you.

Lorraine From says:

Excellent session. Really enjoyed it.

Deb Twaddle says:

Thank you for your classes. These are great as I heal from a broken foot.

Heather Frampton says:

Thank you so much for this gentle workout. ❤️☺️

Mande Marso says:

I am 29 years old with an old ACL injury that was never repaired. I gained alot of weight over the past seven years and I have been doing this video 2x a day plus walking 10-12k steps a day and thus far I have lost 60 lbs

Kathy Morgan says:

Thank you 😊 have many health issues that have limited my my life..I think this is exactly what I've needed to get my life back..feels wonderful and I look forward to it everyday..thank you again and again

pamelaliegh says:

My yoga instructor gave this link out for guidance with at home practice. This was great . Thank you Subscribed !

Anne Marie Butement says:

We live in the UK and have been doing all of these great exercises since March 2020 and recommending them to others. Thank you so much for producing these for us. They are clear, instructive, varied and most beneficial. Please keep up the good work. It is appreciated.

Kathy Juergens says:

I enjoyed my first yoga routine. Breathing technique will take time to remember

Julie Zack says:

Thiis is wonderful and so valuable! Thank you!!!

Stacey Droogas says:

Lovely interlude. Well directed and demonstrated. I feel so much more "open" and relaxed after doing this routine. It will be one I will keep returning to. LEAP's chair Yoga routines are wonderful! Thank you!…Anastasia

William Covert says:

Many thanks! It was just right!

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