Chair Yoga Class for Back Care with Sherry Zak Morris, Certified Yoga Therapist | YWM 554

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Chair Yoga Class for Back Care with Sherry Zak Morris, Certified Yoga Therapist | YWM 554

Whether you are dealing with back pain, a back injury or want to keep your back healthy, Chair Yoga can help! Join Sherry Zak Morris, a Certified Yoga Therapist who specializes in helping people gain back mobility, as she guides you through safe and effective movements that will support and nourish your spine and its supporting structures.

Hi, I’m Sherry with YogaVista.TV. I am grateful to be a guest once again on the Yoga with Melissa YouTube channel. Today I share a Chair Yoga class that is easily accessible and effective for those who are dealing with back issues. If you come over to my YogaJP YouTube channel , you will see the Yoga Nidra for Sleep that Melissa has created for you.
If you want more Chair Yoga VIdeos with Sherry, visit YogaVista.TV.

Back Pain Playlist on Yoga with Melissa

Sherry Zak Morris

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Luis Ortega Carreras says:


cindylou18c says:

Hi Sherry, I have a bulging disc in my lower back and your chair yoga for seniors is awesome. It has helped my back so much. Thank you!

Lisa Schuck says:

How is it chair yoga if you're standing up?

Joan Twigg says:

Fantastic 🙏🔥

Sevi Yoga says:

Your yoga tutorials channel is more effective and energy preserving than all the rest ones combined. 💙🧘‍♀️💫

Joyce Foster says:

72 and dealing with back and neck issues for the first time. Keeping your faith alive sold your channel ! Thank you! 💗

Laurie Doughty says:

Thank you…I really enjoyed your class.
I fell and injured my back 4 months ago, the chair yoga really helps 🙏❤️

Helena Van Dyke says:

Thanks for this it is really helpful

Poliglotas says:

Very nice video, I liked it very much!

Esther julia Morales says:

Tank you ,,I love you class!

tageule Feinberg says:

I like her exercises but I wish she didn't talk so much. There's quite a bit of dead space between exercises.

María de los Angeles Anaya Silva says:

Porque no lo ponen en dspañol

Helga McCallum says:

I love your teaching method. So calm, so lovely. Thanks from Australia.

Finica Milea says:

Thank you Sherry, I fill a lot better after your class, you are amazing, very easy to follow you!

Eva Wasserman says:

I am a devoted Iyengar yogi but this was a nice change. You explain so well. Your knowledge is wonderful too. Thank you

Eileen Smoke says:

Thank you…the stretches feel good AND hurt..hp AND back pain..but Am working with TAi Chi , your stretches, and some qigong..I HAVE to get moving again!!

carlos medina says:


Ling Williams says:

I love this chair yoga.more please. X

Sandra Solomon says:

I found you just in the nick of time. What a difference you’ve made in my day to day functionality.

Radiance Dream says:

The last few years I've had significant lower back pain. I've now been following this video for several months and my back pain has greatly diminished. I can do routine household chores without having to lie down immediately after. Thank you Sherry. I love the outdoor setting.

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