Balance Exercise for Seniors

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Balance naturally declines as we age. This exercise will help active seniors maintain their independence and is a sure way to stay out of a nursing home!

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Santa Hawes says:

Loved the video, and just subscribed to the channel!
THIS is why I am here: Recently, I started taking a Tai Chi class, and the first thing they started me on was learning to do a "tai chi walk method." I instantly learned that my balance is bad enough that I kept trying to fall over when slowly going through the motions. It was bad enough that I have withdrawn from the class, and am now trying to work specifically on balance.
As an explaination, over the last year I have lost over 100 pounds having dropped my carbohydrate intake to 20-30 grams per day. In doing just that, I have rid myself of my hyperglycemia, my type-2 diabetes and ALL of my diabetes medications. Now it is time to work on getting my body to understand the new weight distribution, and building up the muscles and joints needed to maintain balance, so I can once again, rejoin the tai chi program.

Gabriel J Marian says:

try this every day:

KimbaLion5 says:

I am a step behind I cant get up from a chair without rocking and pulling up on something. If a chair doesn't have arms I can push up off of I cant sit in it. I lack leg strength. I cant get up from the floor either. What do you suggest?

A Fit Class says:

Really awesome information!

jeannieo says:

I am in bad shape balance wise I fall down a lot and I have to do some thing it’s getting to the point where I don’t think I can live alone anymore. I have an appointment with the physical therapist but it’s not until the end of June so I will try to do something before that thank you very much

Robin Nadile says:

Thank you so much for a wonderful video 🌹😘it helps a lot πŸ™thanks Dr Tara

Elizabeth Little says:

Very helpful

Harriet Schatzberg says:

Perfect for me, standing up from my chair. Is difficult!! Glad to have this exercise, am basically learning how to walk all over again and this is great ! Thank you!!

Warren Scott says:


Bob Allwright says:

Like most physio exercises they are demonstrated by a younger fitter person and bear little resemblance to the abilities of the average 70 plus aged person. Better to use an older person that has actual balance challenges

Steven Taylor says:

I am diagnosed spinocerebeller ataxia

T & Z Young says:

This exercise is also helping me with my post labyrinthectomy challenges. If I don't keep up the movements due to illness or a sedentary lifestyle, the "bobble head" feeling returns. My post op rehab was mostly head and eye movements. These round out the routines. Thank you for the exercise ideas.

Aparna Chapolkar says:

Namaste liked your video. Practice is more important. Yes πŸ‘πŸ™

Heong Peng Teh says:

Very good exercise for imbalance

Jazzkeys Terry says:

Thank you,,I fell on tuesday doing this exact thing.

john brett says:

this young lady is the Real Deal

Sharon Lambert says:

My fitness classes are asking about better balance .
Thanks for this !

corecubed Care Marketing Solutions says:

It's so important for seniors to maintain balance in order to prevent falls. Equally important, after experiencing one fall, is to regain confidence in order to prevent a second fall. This article explains more:

Jenna Turkovic says:

Would have been a good video if it weren't for the sound effects, so frustrating

Ranch Girl says:

Really nice needed after Hip Replacement surgery Thanks

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