WORKS FAST! Sciatica Pain Relief Stretches and Exercises

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The best home exercises to relieve your sciatica pain FAST! Get relief from your sciatic nerve symptoms with three simple exercises. Physical therapy exercises to help alleviate pain, numbness, and tingling associated with sciatic nerve irritation.


Sciatica is numbness, tingling, or pain that starts in your lower back or hip and travels down your leg. This sciatic nerve pain is brought on by irritation to your sciatic nerve – the largest nerve in the body which starts in your lower back and travels all the way down to your foot.

The most common sources of impingement (or irritation) to your sciatic nerve are found in the vertebrae of the back, the bones of the hip, and the muscles that surround these areas. They can include a bulged disc, disc degeneration, stenosis, SI joint dysfunction, and piriformis syndrome to name just a few.

The key to treating sciatica nerve pain is to decrease the amount of irritation happening to the sciatic nerve. This is usually performed via simple stretches to the back and hip as well as a technique known as “sciatic nerve flossing” or a “sciatic nerve glide”.

Luckily, I’lll demonstrate all three for you in this video! Follow along as I guide you through the best stretches and exercises for sciatic nerve pain relief. This sciatica treatment can be highly effective, and I hope you find it beneficial as well.

The sciatica stretches and exercises demonstrated in this video are:

0:00 Welcome
0:18 What Is Sciatica and Why Do We Get It?
1:30 How To Know If You’re Making Improvement
2:19 Piriformis Stretch
3:55 3-Way Hamstring Stretch
6:03 Sciatic Nerve Glides

These three simple exercises can be immensely helpful to relieve your sciatic nerve symptoms at home. I hope they offer you some relief and help you to feel better soon.








Tone and Tighten says:

Did you follow along and try these exercises? Tell me about your experience in a comment below! I hope they help you to feel better and relieve those sciatic nerve symptoms. 🙏🏼

Boba Janan says:

Okay 👍 thanks 😊

Sandra Raubinger says:

I couldn’t walk a few Min ago with out a horrible pinching SI pain as I live with chronic pain and can’t drag my 3 babies to the chiropractor until tomorrow. I just did these exercises and they are ALL gone!!! Thank you!!! I saved these and will try to implement throughout the week. Canceled tomorrows appointment. Buying the leg elevation pillow from your other vid as well. God Bless you!! Gratitude from a tired Mama!

junglism 09 says:

Again if you've ever had any of these issues there's noway a figure 4 I possible you'd jump if you let anyone touch this area, this guy like all these people are moving so freely, is not even slightly hie it would be if you had sciatica or glute issues, It's unbearable these exercises will hurt you

Still Ill says:

This literally helped so much 🖤🖤🖤

Leslie Montagne says:

Honest to God, Dr Jared, my symptoms too were greatly reduced tonight after following you here and doing all the exercises to the best of my ability. In just 20 minutes the burning, tingling and painful ache of the distal side of my left lower leg stopped “biting at me”. I thought I was going to lose my ability to walk. The hamstring stretches (#2) I worked at hard and did a few extra reps. And just as you said, if the pain begins to stop hurting distally and starts to move back into the gluteal region that’s a good sign. Exactly what happened to me. Lower leg about 80% better, and although the nerve / pain sensation above my thigh and headed toward the glutes is a little more pronounced (just like you said!) it is very bearable. Do you recommend these exercises be done every day from now on? Even if we are asymptomatic?
You’re a gem. Grateful to you!
Leslie M .


My husband is suffering from back and leg pain since few months
Never tried any exercises
Yesterday he was diagnosed with sciatica and when I searched the internet I found this vdo. Let's see and hope for the best. He will do it from tomorrow onwards.

Eduardo Lopez says:

dude I'm about to do this I been in pain for 2 weeks now

Soni Kishorani says:

I have done all kinds of stretches n exercises but doesn't get relief from past 8mntys iam having sciatica nerve pain with disc buldge. Pls help me wht to do🙏

123 456 says:

I cant do the 3-way hamstring strech.The nerve doesnt let me lock the knee straight.The pain is unbearable.What should i do!?

Sharon says:

Thank you for the video. My knee hurts during the exercises. I have problems with it anyway, but I am wondering what I can do to ease the pain?

milanetc says:

oh my gosh, the piriformis stretch with rotation was amazing! Finally, relief!

Farnaz Ganjeizadeh says:

Was good thanks.

E J says:

Thank you so much and I do all your exercises and they really help me a lot. God Bless you

Sai Phani says:

Can I try this I had gone through l4-l5 laproscopy 3 years ago

DejaDrewit says:


I’ve had severe sciatic pain for 8 YEARS ever since I had my son. I never went to the doctor and it has severely affected my ability to be active with my son or carrying him (i had to stop years ago). Going on long walks or lifting heavy things would always aggravate it and I would be limping for days.

A few days ago I again aggravated it and have been limping for days so I finally decided to Youtube it…

I honestly thought I would have to suffer for the rest of my life which is kinda depressing because I really want to he able to be active..

I am blown away. I just did the exercises only ONE REP and I CAN WALK without limping and NO PAIN!!!! Whaaaaaaaat

Thank you so much I will continue to do this daily if I don’t forget and if I have long term success (like it no longer gets aggravated from long walks to heavy lifting) I will come back and post an update!!! Otherwise at least it works temporarily.

Would love to know if anyone has ever cured their sciatic pain.

Thank you so grateful for this video!!!

RealReid says:

These exercises are really great. I did them and I got good relief from neck and shoulder pain and sciatica pain.

clark gamana says:

thank you sir.
i feel better now

Faith says:

Thank you!!! I have been suffering from numbness ( early on it was excruciating waves of pain and going to a chiropractor released the severe paIn and he didn't think I needed surgery). Ive had numbness in my sciatic nerve for roughly 20 months! I worry it's permanent but I will never give up hope and I will keep trying new things. I've only done this video twice and I can already feel some improvement. I refuse to have a laminectomy that they tried to push on me! Told me the only way to release the pinched nerve was to operate. Noo way!! These exercises are helping my numbess that runs down the leg into the foot. I imagine the results would be even better if I was consistent! I will work on that. Thanks again!!!

Delicia Nuñez says:

hope this works lolol i’ve always had weak hips and my theory is because i have hyperextended knees anyway i pinched my syatic nerve during wrestling around a year and a half ago and it took like 7 months to go back to “normal” but ever since , my entire lower have has always been super tense and it’s gotten to a point where it’s tensed my whole back 😭

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