Rheumatoid Arthritis Hand Exercises | Mobility & Strength

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Rheumatoid Arthritis Hand Exercises | Mobility & Strength


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Cricketer boy says:

I have an arthritis it's been 4 years and I am 15 years old and no one have arthritis on my family except I my hands are stiff not moving legs to whole body when I do exercise I see little different but after 1 hour the joints went same again I have many reaction too like on eyes black spot on skin everywhere I am done now nothing is working


Its very useful thank you sir..

Weatherings says:

aint no way, i did this and it actually helped, the second exercise was the best one

Krupa Patel says:

The exercises are very helpful thank you so much.

Smyrna’s Story says:

“No resident will say I am sick”

Sweta Bag says:

Thank you sir🙏😭

Mark Brutus says:

Happiness is all i see after i made used of Dr Agboya herbal medicine on YouTube channel which i only take for 2 weeks now i'm free from HSV1 🙏 .,

Hazel Brianna says:

Thanks to Dr Agboya on YouTube for curing me of HSV 2 with his herbal treatment.🍁

Manika Das Bayan says:

Thank you, nice exercise 👌

Neha Tyagi says:

Toes are twisted. Tell them about their exercise. please

Sarah Yulia says:

Thank you so much 🙏🙏 it's very helpful..

Niagara Falls Condos says:

RA is unable to recover under the today medicine system. It should be use natural product(medicine) to treat it to recover. A great sugestion is use a natural canadian license product Arthron 5. It may provide you a help . it is a government licensed product.

AayanaAayana5432 Aayana says:

Thanks bro!!

Arshad Kp says:

Is finger push up good for arthritis

JB says:

Amazing! Instant relief – thank you so much for posting.

Amina Mustapha Ali says:

Dr akho1 HERBAL on YouTube my wife was seriously diagnosed with PCOS for like 10years now, after 14days of using Dr akho1 medicine on YouTube I was revived back, now I'm 3weeks pregnant,l🌴🌴

A says:

Is this a heritage condition or what are the main causes for it to develop?

Accra Terminal agency says:

Is good to share my experience about a holistic doctor Dr Oyalo I met on channel who use his root and herbs to cure my rheumatoid arthritis, and after taking his herbs for 4weeks as instructed by him I was cured completely . Thank you Dr Oyalo for saving my life

yosef7773 says:

Get a manicure.

the forgotten tales * says:

Thanks for the video! My grandpa can definitely do this. He is also taking Planet Ayurveda's Joint aid plus capsules.

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