One Minute Sciatica Exercises for Quick Pain Relief & Cure of Sciatic Pain

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“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck (Bob & Brad) present several One Minute Sciatica Exercises designed to provide you with quick pain relief and encourage healing.

0:00 Intro Song
0:09 Intro to Video
0:37 Step 1
1:59 Step 2
2:07 Step 3
2:28 Step 4
2:36 Step 5
3:04 Step 6
3:38 Step 7
3:50 Subscribe!
4:09 Step 8
5:09 Frequency you should do these steps
6:02 Step 9
6:45 Step 10
7:32 Step 11
8:05 Brad’s Modified Step 11
8:26 Step 12
9:17 Step 13
10:25 Outro

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D. Dos Santos says:

You saved me from sciatica misery!!!!♡♡♡♡ thank you so much for posting this! Best channel and by far most useful thing on YouTube! I can ride my bike and play soccer ⚽️ again without suffering.

Evolving_aspirant says:

The intro 😂🤣

Aishwary Gupta says:

I have a question that When I lying down on the stomach with pillows, it is giving me little relief but my leg in which I am having pain is getting numb. Is this normal or actually some side effect? Please let me know.

debjani on uke says:

You don't know how big of a blessing you are in people's lives. God bless you!

mack daddy says:

Thanks guys I really need this, I'm 58 5'10 190 lbs.i live in a very small place thT causes me to have to lay down when home.i have sciatica bad I have to stop walking after 1/2 a block or less and sit down(embarrassing).but thank God I can ride a bike with absolutely no pain what so ever.which is a blessing in a way because I am out of shape,have hypertension, depression a burnt out liver no teeth and a very swollen prostate. Geezz man…I should pull the phreekin' plug huh!?.
Ñot what I'm trying to say is life is hard enough without this sciatic pain, so I'm about to try your exercises if you have any more info for my broken body it's welcome.
Thanks,Mark P.

tamara clark says:

Dr.akpamu helped me get rid of my genital warts after using the effective herbal medicine which I took you can get more on dr.akpamu youtube channel.

Nana Nana says:

I had been in agony after sitting on my living room floor in a slouched sit, for hours organizing / purging things from my closet. I got up. Had to walk side slumped and forward. It was awful. Could only lay down. No function. Advil barely helped. Hurt to sit. I laid on livingroom floor and started watching these videos.

Progressed slowly but now do the pressups and other exercises daily. The pain literally went from leg after a few weeks to lower back but even that left.

I faithfully do these exercises daily, and several more you recommended. Love your other videos too! Now doing the 7 exercises you should do every day.

I'm binge watching your videos!

Spine health is so important.

So glad I found you two. I tell everyone!

You truly are the best physiotherapists on the internet!

Thank You so much for everything and the awareness you bring to the importance of posture and exercise to keep us healthy and mobile as we age! The humor is just a bonus when you have pain! two are so calm, entertaining and effective!!!!!

Thank You!

Nana in Nova Scotia💝

Caffeinated Nation says:

Take a shot everytime they call each other by name. 😆

Seriously, though, these are wonderful exercises. Already extremely helping my pain. Thank you!

Oscar Austin says:

Won’t stop testifying to the world about your kind gesture how you cured me off genital herpes thank a lot drakpamu

Oscar Austin says:

– [ ] Won’t stop testifying to the world about your kind gesture how you cured me off genital herpes thank a lot drakpamu

Prayas Biswas says:

Thanks a lot, I have an exam tomorrow. You have no idea how enormous of a help this was

Elizebeth Evans says:

Your products for beating herpes virus is actually the best Dr. Ogudugu

Dirtyaznstyle says:

I thought I had it bad.. reading some responses lol

Email Rozaneh says:

You guys are so lovely 🤗🤗😍😍♥️♥️😊😊👏👏👏👏💐💐💐💐

Sam larry says:

Thanks so much Dr.akpamu on youtube for helping me get back to my normal state after suffering from genital herpes for over 4 years

No Toes Baker says:

I don't know how I hurt myself but I'm a very active guy I workout 5 days a week with two active rest days and have a very active job at a steel mill. I've never had this problem before but thank you for uploading this for free.

Bobby John says:

Keep on the great work dr akpamu may god continue to strengthen you and thanks for curing me off genital warts!

Heather Smith says:

Oh my God, this works. I have to leave for work in 2 hours (I'm a server) and at least I can now walk upright. Had an attack about 10 days ago and stupidly did not go straight to bed. Always takes longer if you fight it.
Thanks guys, you are my heroes!!

N. McL. says:

You guys are the best!! Thank you

chaya rao says:

With this pain i can't even do my daily work😫

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