Fix Biceps Tendonitis or Strain in 90 Seconds, At Home- Self Treatment, Follow Video

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Fix Biceps Tendonitis or Strain in 90 Seconds, At Home- Self Treatment, Follow Video

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Bob and Brad discuss how to fix your bicep tendonitis at home in 90 seconds.

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DarthNoshitam says:

4:50 πŸ‘

Cornelious Stradivarius says:

Bob: "We're pretty um…."
Brad: "ye we're pretty ugly"
Bob: "NO! Helpful"
Brad: "Oh yeah 'Helpful"

Ruben Berge says:

This helped so much❀️

Hedayat Haddadi says:

I couldn't believe that I am relived after 3 months of arm and shoulder pain in less than 24 hours. I did this exercises in combination of other exercises in other movie for biceps.

β€’ Slushiiix β€’ says:

Thanks ao much for this, I was at the doctors and I got diagnosed with Kyphosis and they gave me some stretches I can do and we practice them at the doctor but I think I stretched it too much because my arm felt like shit afterwards, and now I'm at my grandmas and I was trying to get up from the couch and used my arms to push me up and I strained my wrist and the pain from the doctors came back except even worse

The Loyal Shinobi says:

For anyone who is having tensed biceps and arms like T-Rex, here are some things that helped me, a hot shower while massaging the biceps and slowly trying to straighten the arm while the hot water is running on your arms, do very gentle stretching like in the video, it's not going to go away in 90 secs but it'll make the pain tolerable

Mark domalogdog says:

I'm here, Bc I can't straighten my Arms after starting a work out at the Gym. It's been 3days today and still can't straighten my arms! 😫

B Franklin says:

Will this work if I have a bicep tendon tear?

Atiqa tahseen says:

This thing did wonders for me

yash Kumar says:

Thanks Bob and Brad, this was very nice and helpful for me.

Love from India πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

LAkers says:

Thank you 😊

kenebene1 says:

Who watches these guys. Shit they can talk some shit.

Ali Zain says:

love you mate

jacob wanyonyi says:

Men my arms are so painful and swollen and this is the third day in the gym. Any help buddies? I can't even stretch my arms

Not Ashamed says:

Hi Bob and Brad! Love your channel. Question: I had a bicep injury about 7 years ago (playing drums for long periods with poor technique) At the time I was also working out regularly. I have an active lifestyle but have not started weight training again until recently. Both my arms have plenty (equal) strength, but I notice when I flex my biceps the previously injured one does not seem to respond in the same way as the non-injured side. (does not seem to flex as hard / present as large / respond explosively) Are there any exercises (other than repeated flexing) that I can do to address this? Thank You!

AbdullahFilms says:

My pain is in exactly to the left of my tendon in my left arm, lol. It hurts to fully straighten it. It's not a lot of pain but I had the sensation of a zing 6 months back, can anyone explain what it is

Krakoa says:

It's ridiculous how well this works. Why did I have to sift through a dozen websites looking for bicep tendonitis rehab techniques before finding this? I started doing this less than 24 hours ago and my pain is 90% gone, not an exaggeration. Wish there was a double thumbs-up button πŸ˜€

ShitBeCrazy says:

My shit is on fire right now. I can’t move my right arm 90 degrees i over did them curls I regret it

The Tree says:

Why does it happen???

Promothes Das Dey says:

I joined jym 2 days ago ….and after 2 days of gym ….my left arm's bicep portion is swelling..but i dont know why ?? …. anyone help me !

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