Bicep Tendinopathy – Shoulder Rehab Part.1 | Feat. Tim Keeley | No.195 | Physio REHAB

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I have a rotator cuff (supraspinatus) 50% width full thickness tear that is healing and strengthening (slowly, and trying to escape surgery!!).

👉 BUT because of this problem I also have developed a long head bicep tendinopathy with tenosynovitis to boot. That hurts more than the tear! 👀 The tendon tightens up at night, aches like hell in the front of the shoulder and also inflames with too much load. Because of the stiffness and pain, inability to use much and the loss of overall function, a tendinopathy in the LHB has developed. So it’s a double whammy. Very common after a decent rotator cuff tear that puts your shoulder out of action for 6 months.

➡️ So, if you have also been diagnosed with this, and are struggling then follow my little story and what I am doing for rehab to sort it out. Remember though, I am getting lots of treatment for it and I could NOT do the rehab without the weekly Physio work, mobilisation, soft tissue release and dry needling to keep it on the right track. So make sure you’re seeing someone first and foremost.

1️⃣ First is the “FRONT SPRINTER (band) – eccentric. Meaning I am adding the load on the way down. Check the commentary for all the tips. Second is the “SIDE SPRINTER (band) – eccentric. This one gives more lateral load and minimal front load, still working the LHB tendon but combines the rotator cuff as well especially laterally which is what you need to strength to support the bicep tendon as well as work on the weakness in the cuff if you copped the tear complication in this injury. ▶️ Then back to the FRONT SPRINTER (band) – eccentric but with the anchor point low to add on more load. Be careful on the bottom part it’s where you tend to feel it the most. Sorry about the audio 😬 gets a bit muffled with the mic in my shirt!!…

Checkout the next 2 exercises in Part 2

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Clovious Hoofus says:

This was just what i needed, thank you, love the simple straight forward explanation Tim.

Jon McB says:

I like how you worded that you said I know ways to rehab it but how does one prevent it im a powerlifter so it’s usually wen I have a heavy load on the barbell idk wats causing it it’s like I threw out my arm throwing a football the pains bad

Alexandra Goicoechea says:

I’m going to try this tomorrow, I want to rehab my biceps tendon so I can play tennis again soon

Furthy Thirtyfour says:

#TimKeeley – does bursitis in the shoulder present the same as bicep tendinopathy and are they often misdiagnosed as being the other?

Luz Leeds says:

Tim Hi! I have the same problem you have in you Rotator cuff (Supraspinatus) with the other aggravations, i glad i found this video and somebody who understand the impediment of this problem.
Tim the only think i would like to know how many repetitions for exercise and for how low I will practice part 1


How many times a week do you recommend these exercises? Is this something you can do before or after a workout?

dsorvita says:

Audio sucks massively

Pradziadek Korneliusz says:

Hi. Where can i purchase these thin rehab bands that come without any handles and attachments or what is their specific name?

TheMatthewmoo says:

I had surgery on my shoulder to repair my bicep, now I have a missing piece of my bicep. Is this normal?

Travis In Canada says:

Something I recently stumbled upon during my rehab is how effective Electrotherapy has been for my recovery. I went into it with no expectations and was pleasantly surprised how well it worked to take the recovering discomfort away (25minutes of it has done wonders for me). I am still using ice but also use an Electrotherapy machine now too.

Szymon Dziukiewicz says:

Thank you, that first exercise fixed my pain within five days doing it every day two times of 4sets with 10 reps. Pain was getting very annoying. Didn't stop me climbing but couldn't do push ups as the pain was to strong ( and not trying to push my luck just yet) , even in every day life was often painful. Now pain has gone, such a great exercise! Thanks again!

Dhruv Arjun says:

Holy shit it just vanished the pain . I've been doing so many rotator cuff exercises for the past month with little to no improvement . I never realised that front delt pain might be bicep tendonitis . Thanks doc

Gabriel Chua says:

Hi Tim, my wife has a related injury. She can't flex her right elbow. What caused this was 2 years ago, she let our newborn's head rest on her right bicep when he slept. Her right upper arm would feel numb after this. After a few weeks, her right bicep no longer had strength. It can't even lift up the weight of the right forearm.

We've seen numerous doctors but none could help. Because of this, her right shoulders and traps had to compensate, giving her pain in her right rhomboid area between her shoulder blades as well.

Will really appreciate if you've any advise for her. 🙏

Shyman Shimanto says:

I feel the pain only when i do chest or bicep workout. should i start those workout with light weight?

Junior says:

Can you also get tendonitis on the short head of the biceps?

Betty Chandler says:

Can I do these exercises if I have a torn bicep?

Jay O'Leary says:

Great video Tim. Quick question, so many videos suggest stretching for biceps tendonitis but I've seen others say it's the worst thing you can do as it aggrevates the tendon. Do you have any thoughts on this?

Alex C says:

Had rotator cuff repair 3 months ago and yesterday during one of those daily light and slow lateral raise stretching, my shoulder popped.. now I'm researching on what went wrong and here it is …

name second says:

Do you have stretches or exercises that help with pain at the short head bicep tendon at the shoulder?

m p says:

Hi Tim…great videos and deep explanations. I have a question, hope that you will respond. I have pain in front shoulder in the most upper part where humerus meets capsule, under acromion. In flexed elbow position and shoulder extension, when pressing flexed elbow behind into wall as well as laterally pressing elbow into wall, also when tucking my shirt into pants. Is it most probably biceps tendon issue? Shoulder flexion and also lifting arm up to 180 is quite ok no significant pain but extension is terrible. Thanks a lot for your reply.

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