Best Exercises For Knee Arthritis Pain Relief

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Knee arthritis not only affects the knee joint, but how well the knee moves, the muscles, and ligaments and tendons.
While we can’t change what happens to the bone, we are able to help increase range of motion, fluid movement, and strength. All of these lead to a decrease in pain and an increase in function:)

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Anna SC says:

Hi, I feel I need to try these exercises as although I walk a couple of miles 3 or 4 times a week, I struggle to kneel on the floor, get up again, and cannot sit right back on my heels, my knees are too stiff with limited motion, any suggestions for this? Also in another of your videos you showed how to 'move' the knee cap a little, side to side, up & down – mine will not move at all, it's like a solid mass all around it!?

Anthony says:

One amazing teacher with a vast knowledge and capacity to deliver it too,

Tokyo Japan says:

I'm English learner and live in Tokyo Japan.I think this video is useful for English learner like me.

OneAle RicciSan says:

é.è <3 <3

Daniel caldwell says:

Two weeks ago had a cortisone shot in knee for knee pain. Dr. said beginning arthritis. I am trying these exercises. I have to this point been extremely fit and active. I am 68 years old and have been running 3 times a week, swimming 3 times a week and cycling 3 times a week. I had been competing in triathlons then suddenly pain on the inside of left knee.

Roman Hernz says:

If your knee is bone on bone….nothing really would work ….you will have it for life unless you get knee replacement…nice video….

Alexia Maccon says:

Your socks a are interesting, is that a cool design or do the black stripes provide support?

Amy Hoffman says:

As a certified trainer doing personal training and group bootcamps I agree with the suggested exercises but was disappointed with your body positioning Dr. Kristie Ennis. Proper body mechanics sitting posture for sitting exercises should have the legs at 90/90 degree angles. In the video the hips are much higher than alignment to the knees sitting on the stool; which does not allow for the 90/90 leg angle.

froggy says:

Good one Kristie, watch the lighting at the beginning. 🙂

Robert Hassett says:

thanks so much for all your videos,my life is improving greatly from your advice!!! you are the best!!!

Curious Soul says:

No one else but you ..I just come rushing for your suggestions on so many things and here again I got my answer..Thankyou so much Dr. Kristie❣️

Andrew S says:

Great info. Douou have any ideas for groin stretches for people with knee(Meniscus) stiffness

joanna says:

I had surgery two years ago; MPFL reconstruction, I never did physical therapy every time I want to do something heavy it swells up like crazy and it cracks now I believe arthritis has kicked in, would these be perfect for that?
Okay to do it while swollen? Usually when it swells it lasts like 2 weeks.
Of course I’m trying to figure out what exercise is easier to start building muscle.

geri twomey says:

Thanks for your videos. The exercises help. In fact I was away last week and could walk over 10,000 steps for a couple of days. Yes I rested on the 4 th day ☺️

Lakshmi Ramachandra says:

It is so nice to see you fully dressed up on the top .Try not to expose your top portion of the body too much ,wear a descent one covering your curves on the top . Sorry I had to write this .
I like all these f the exercises you show , very well explained and modifications too. Keep it going . 👍

Jefferson Stroud says:

It’s very important to say a very big thank you to Dr .ONO on YOUTUBE for using his natural herbal Medications to cure my Arthritis permanently .

Nesit Botica says:

Motion is lotion! hmmmm, reminds me of the phrase "use it or lose it" !! Thank you!

Lorraine Manley says:

Thank you so much

Roberto Crescenza says:

Thanks for this!! I’ll do it!! AMAZING,, keep them coming!!

Irene Amaglio says:

Ieri ho fatto la tua ginnastica stamani camminavo in fretta sembrava che volassi ero sciolta leggera una bella sensazione non finirò di ringraziarti peccato x la lingua 😛💌💌

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